44% of Global Online Ad Revenue controlled by Google and on track to exceed 50% soon.

What is more, ZenithOptimedia says that globally paid search will represent nearly 50 percent of all online advertising this year.

Overall the internet represents only 16 percent of global ad revenue according to ZenithOptimedia. TV, by comparison, is 40.2 percent of all ad expenditures.

Who else has any doubts that we live in the age of Google? That paid search is at almost 50% of the overall Internet ad spend helped, but once Google makes a serious inroad into the Cable TV scene with its YouTube offering, you will not recognize the ad industry. Watch!
Link to Zenith report:

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  1. 3d marketing
    3d marketing says:

    This sounds exciting specially for those in the advertising and marketing fields. I am still hoping that Google will have a worthy competitor in this industry. It is just getting harder to buy ad spaces from Google at a cheap price. This is particularly hard for small time advertisers.


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