You can find a million ways to make money online by doing a simple Google search. You’ll find all sorts of ways people claim to be using to make money. The problem is, many of these methods don’t actually work and several are simply scams that true entrepreneurs would never try. There are, however, plenty of respectable (and fun) ways to make money online if you’re willing to put in the effort.

To find these popular ways to make money online, I went to Quora to find the answer to “How do you make money online?” I screened the top-rated answers to find these practical and profitable ideas for you.

Ways to Make Money Online

Self Publishing: Forget a million rupees, hit it right and you can make a million dollars through self publishing. If you are not the one for patience, then forget about this. This requires most patience and persistence. Your first book that you publish on Amazon will never get you more than 10,000 bucks unless you have already published a hard copy. You have to keep writing, and building your brand. How to start? Take a set of your blog posts, write more on them and convert them into a collection of stories, then figure out the whole process of how the Kindle program works, market yourself, think of more ideas and repeat.

Niket Kedia: Traveler (WanderlustY), Book-sniffer, Explorer, Sapisexual

Opinion polls and paid surveys from legitimate companies like My Survey and Survey Spot will pay you for your precious product and service opinions. Companies pay millions of dollars to know what their customers think; if you complete enough surveys, you can quickly make money.

Lawrence Tam: foodie, internet marketer, mechanical engineer

Paid Online Surveys

The highest success rate I have seen for people who do make money are those that have honed their skills into a service (article writing, SEO services, Backlinking services, content writing, PLR based ebooks, etc.) or those that have settled down on a few products and sell them online (be it their own products or ones they have drop shipped).

Faisal Khan: Banking, Payments & Fintech Consultant

The quickest ways to earn money online today involve either selling your skills (freelancing) or sharing your stuff (think Airbnb). Since you are an experienced entrepreneur, I’m confident you have some skills someone would be willing to pay for, even if you ventures haven’t worked out yet.

Nick Loper: Chief Side Hustler at


In short – by providing value. Now the value can be created by you or by someone else. If you create your own content and monetize it you will be the content/product owner. The examples could be being a blogger/product owner (digital or physical). This is more useful from long term perspective for your online business, as it builds your brand from day one.

Shiv Shenoy: Serial Entrepreneur. Blogger. Founder

Do and try different things in your area, or completely different areas. You’ll figure out what you really enjoy doing and where you can excel. Having passion for what you’re doing will certainly make it easier to have the drive for doing it. Money can only come second, because the only reason why you would be making money is if you are somehow very good at what you do.

Micael Nussbaumer: Freelancer, photographer, image editor and world traveler!

I have a number of clients who make that easily buying and selling items.  Often through eBay, Amazon or Etsy.  It just requires some time to develop a good online reputation on some of the seller sites and you can make more profit if you devote more time to doing the fulfillment yourself and not just trying to put everything on auto pilot.

Wray Rives: Wray Rives CPA CGMA Virtual CFO

The most profitable way to make money, in my opinion, is to create some content you can sell over and over. Think videos, courses, books, etc. Invest the time now, and watch it pay you for years to come while you sit back and watch the bank grow.

Kalob Taulien: Entrepreneur, Senior Developer, @KalobTaulien

I suppose you’re seeing the trend here. It’s not easy and there’s no magic trick to instantly make money online. It’s going to require hard work and dedication no matter what you choose to do. The important thing is that you have fun doing it too!

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