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According to FreeWheel Video Monetization Report (Q3 2011) video ad views grew 128% in 2011. This year has seen 97 percent video view growth, but video ads have grown even more, with 7.2 billion ad views – a 128 percent increase. Note that the growth of Mobile contributed a great deal to the increase in video content consumption.

The video content is “the” growth area on the Internet and search engines open up more and more to multimedia-friendly ad formats in their search results.  Entertainment industry has been allowed to participate in couple ad betas in Google for quite same time to incorporate movie and gaming trailers into their SEM ads, and nowadays more and more advertisers are allowed to upload their videos into their SEM campaigns (i.e. Awesome Ads Beta in Google).



When you read this you might think that video ads will inevitably become a mainstream format in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Wouldn’t advertisers be thrilled to use search as a branding vehicle and push their TV commercial spots to keyword targeted audience and measure engagement through video views? Wouldn’t search engines be excited to monetize video views with a premium cost-per-click placements over 135 character text ads? Image is worth thousands words, and video is probably worth  much more…

Well… not at all. The reason is that search engines want the paid search ads to look as close to organic listings as possible. They don’t want the SEM ads to look like banners, and they are perfectly happy that most of their users don’t understand the difference between paid and organic placements. In fact, Google recently implemented a bunch of changes to make sure that paid search ads look as close to organic results as possible (example: you cannot capitalize the display URL anymore). That said, I do not expect the video ads to dominate search engine results pages anytime soon. What’s your take?

However, brands and small businesses should absolutely utilize pay-per-click video ad formats in their digital marketing campaigns. Video is the most engaging channel on the Internet, and you should be utilizing video ads to engage your customers online, or at least upload your branded videos on YouTube with the right keyword tags (this is a topic for another post I have in mind actually).

If you are looking to use video ad formats on the pay-per-click basis, consider YouTube or Adwords Contextual Network, among other ad networks. If you spent money on producing a quality video ad unit, I would absolutely encourage you to test video ads. Establish how much you are willing to pay per video view and make sure you target your market segment. And share your learnings with me!

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