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Your business may already have a presence on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook,but Tumblr can also be a great tool for increasing awareness tumblrabout your brand.  In just four years Tumblr has grown to more than 53 million monthly visitors from just over one million.  Tumblr also is ranked second in the average amount of time users spend on the site (Facebook is first).

The numbers look great, but is Tumblr the right fit your business?

Below we included a couple Tumblr blogging tips for small businesses who are considering using it. While Tumblr is a free blogging tool, business owners need to be strategic when it comes to allocating time and resources. Make sure you evaluate all the blogging options carefully before you pick the best fit for your business.

Is Tumblr the Right Fit for Your Business?

Simple Setup and Use

Starting your blog and managing your content is fairly easy.  It is also possible to schedule your posts so that your content reaches the most eyeballs at the most opportune time.  Though the platform is simple to use, it doesn’t allow for as much control or customizability as some of the other blogging platforms, such as WordPress.

Know Your Audience

About half of Tumblr’s audience is 25 years old or younger.  If this is the audience you are after, Tumblr could be just the platform for you.  Tumblr is also a very visually driven platform.  If your business can capitalize on the use of images, Tumblr can be a great way to share information and engage with potential customers.   According to Ekaterina Walter, Social Media Strategist for Intel, “Tumblr isn’t about long blog posts and info-loaded content – it’s for quick visual inspiration and consumer lust. Photos, videos, charts, quotes, and Q&As fill Tumblr streams, with users reposting everything that catches their eye.”

tumblr lookEngagement is Key

It is very important to post and engage with your community often.  Follow, like and reblog influencers and other users in your industry.  With Tumblr’s mobile app it is easy to post and manage your blog on the go and more frequently. Tagging your posts is also essential.  It allows users to see your posts while searching the site for content around a specific topic and increases your visibility.

SEO and Analytics

Tumblr blogs seem to do well in organic search since every reblog acts as a backlink to your post.  It is also fairly easy to track the effectiveness of your efforts thanks to Google Analytics though it doesn’t have all the capabilities as some of the other platforms. However, implementing SEO on-site tags (such as page title and meta description) can be cumbersome with Tumbler, which lacks the variety of SEO plug-ins WordPress has to offer.

Tumblr Blogging Tips for Small Businesses

Paige Zandri (@MsAttachee) offers some great tips on how Tumblr can be rolled into a much broader business blogging strategy: “I use tumblr as a gallery site for my WordPress blog. Stylistically, it’s cleaner and more attractive for visual rather than textual content. If your brand is design oriented at all, tumble is a great choice for creating that brand’s image and feel.”

If you are ready to get started, we included a video via NetBiz Social Media Minute below in which Social Media Manager Rory Kaluza covers the process of creating a Tumblr blog, customizing the theme, posting content and integrating posts with Twitter.


If you are looking for a platform that is a user-friendly way to engage and build awareness with millennials, then look no further than Tumblr.  Chris Crum of proposes this challenge: “Look at what’s being reblogged. Can you create quick, easy Tumblr content that takes what this content does well, but make it your own?”  Think of it as a social media platform and blogging platform all in one that can be used to personify your brand.  The more time and work you put into it, the larger your community will grow and the more engaged they will be with your brand.

Jannelle WalleceJanelle N. Wallace (@janellenicole89) is currently a Graduate Integrated Marketing student at New York University with a focus in Brand Management and Digital Strategy.  She also holds a B.B.A. from Howard University in Washington, D.C.  Her love for fashion, music and life in Brooklyn is shared on her blog.  Janelle can also be found on LinkedIn.


4 replies
  1. Monica De La Villa
    Monica De La Villa says:

    Great set of criteria when choosing the right platform for blogging!
    This is a good example to support the fact that NOT every platform is for everyone!

    Since Tumblr has shown to be where Millennials spend their time, a cool fact: According to Edelman Digital’s report on ” Why MIllennials matter to every brand” (

    Millennials are highly loyal to their brands, 70% claimed that once they find a company or brand they like, they will continue consuming their product or services on and on.

  2. Matthew Capala
    Matthew Capala says:

    Agreed Monica – great points

    I agree with @msattachee that Tumblr is great for visual microblogging and it is a great fit for a gallery section of a website or a wordpress blog

    • Janelle Wallace
      Janelle Wallace says:

      I agree. I notice that many brands use tumblr as a behind the scenes look at their brand and/or to document what inspires them using mostly images and sometimes videos.

  3. MsAttachee
    MsAttachee says:

    Wondering is anyone has an opinion on the tumblr tags, whether the ones that trend differ from twitter and how? I’ve noticed that the tumblr tags are simpler, less compound tags with multiple words (such as many you see ppl using on twitter or even instagram). Anyone else noticing this?


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