Twitter can be the driving force for generating high amounts of traffic and creating loyal customers for businesses and entrepreneurs. That’s why it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest changes and developments. In fact, Twitter has been on a deal-making spree, including teaming up with Google and acquiring two other major ad companies, in addition to adding new features and capabilities into it’s platform.

Are you taking advantage of the new opportunities on Twitter?

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Now, let’s explore the recent Twitter changes in more detail and see what it all means for you and your business in 2015, and beyond.

Twitter teams up with Google to index it’s content

As of May 19, 2015, Twitter content will be available in Google’s search results within the Google app and on mobile devices. What this means is when a consumer searches Google for your company name, the most recent Tweets about your business now appear in the search results.

The consumer is able to tap on the Tweet and go directly to Twitter, where they are able to see the entire Tweet along with additional content. This feature is particularly important in the news vertical, and on mobile devises.

Google your name, and if you have established Twitter presence, your Twitter feed is likely to show up on Mobile devices.

Twitter on Google SERP

You can hear me speaking a lot about this deal at conferences, and recently I wrote that Google-Twitter deal is one of the biggest developments in SEO in 2015 in a roundup on SteemFeed:

With the recent deal in place with Twitter, Google has gained access to crawl the vast database of Twitter’s real-time content. Expect further integration of Twitter content into SERP beyond mobile in 2015, with emphasis on news and events. Tweets and Twitter profiles present opportunities to get on top of Google, and win more real estate ‘feeding the Hummingbird’ with a sound Twitter strategy. News content is an obvious win, but businesses should also optimize for hashtags, which are increasingly used as keywords in search. With the descending influence of G+ on SERP, Twitter is a platform to watch in SEO in 2015, and beyond

Twitter acquires TellApart to better target ads

TellApart is a firm that, “helps companies turn individual customer preferences into sales by predicting which items customers are most interested in.”

Twitter acquired TellApart at the end of April for $532 million in stock. This acquisition helps business owners target the right users on both a desktop computer and a mobile device.

Twitter now has the capability to target ads more effectively to specific groups of people. The content consumers search for – or are interested in – is then reflected in the ads they see on Twitter.

Can you tell them a part?

tellapart twitter

Twitter acquires Niche to get creative with ad experience

Niche helps you hook up with creative people all across the globe to create moments that resonate with the people you are trying to reach. Your customers are more likely to enjoy seeing fresh and unusual ads that spark their interest and with Twitter’s acquisition of Niche, you have now the opportunity to create such ads – thus getting more clicks.

niche twitter creatives

Twitter is taking advantage of the collaboration between Niche and Vine. Niche’s software supports brands on both Vine and Twitter. Niche is working closely with Twitter’s brand marketing team to help create engaging ads for brands.

Not-logged in users can see Twitter content

Twitter is the place to go for the freshest, most up-to-date information on breaking news and events.

But, prior to April 15, 2015, if you were not logged into Twitter, you weren’t able to see what was going on. All that has changed now.

Loggedin Twitter

Twitter has made it possible to view what’s trending and what people are tweeting about without logging into their account. By simply going to Twitter’s homepage, you can now quickly see the latest popular news in particular industries.

Updated Twitter trends on mobile devices

What is a trend? It is a way of finding out what folks are talking about on Twitter.

But, those trends are not always easy to find on mobile devices and often aren’t self-explanatory.

So, on April 8, 2015, Twitter came up with a way of explaining trends to its audiences.

Now, there is a description below every trend and it also tells you whether the topic is trending up or down. This makes your Tweets much easier to track – especially since the new system tells you whether or not people are responding to your Tweet.

twitter trends

Are you taking advantage of these new Twitter changes?

As you can see, Twitter’s latest changes have opened up new opportunities for businesses to get their content discovered and better target their ad campaigns.

Take this opportunity to maximize your Twitter reach and learn what your target audience is actually searching for and reading on Twitter.

If you want to know what’s Facebook been up to lately, check out my recent post on the Huffington Post:

5 Recent Facebook Changes Every Small Business Should Know About

Over to you – which Twitter update do you feel is the most useful for expanding your reach and developing a larger base of loyal customers?

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