2014 was a break-through for SearchDecoder. The site launched in 2012 as my personal blog, which evolved into a side gig in 2013. In 2014 we featured some bigger names and many up-and-comers, saw our community grow, and experienced growth across all metrics, including:

  • 98% growth in new sessions
  • 120% growth in new users
  • 84% growth in page views

More importantly, we experienced significant growth in revenue with the launch of two Amazon books and my new online SEO course, which will give us resources to maintain and grow the site in 2015. It was a good year for SearchDecoder brand as well. We received more mentions on Google and more social shares.

I am proud of the growth we’ve accomplished because we essentially built something from nothing, but my goals for the site are much higher, which is why I’m super excited about 2015! It will be the first year when we’ll have more dedicated team and better infrastructure in place to help us scale and grow.

Above all, we couldn’t get there without You — the contributors, readers and commenters — who make the blog community what it is today, and I’m so grateful to be part of it.

On the first day of the year, we wanted to share with you 10 of our most popular blog posts last year (based on traffic), plus my editorial pick. Enjoy, and see you in 2015!

best in seo internet entrepreneurship 2014 searchdecoder

Top 10 in SEO, Growth and Startups on SearchDecoder in 2014

#1 Ranking of 35 Best SEO, Content & Social Media Conferences in 2014

I complied your number one resource of 35 of the best SEO, content marketing and social media conferences around the country. I built the list because I wanted to create a central resource for you to quickly and easily see all the upcoming inbound marketing conferences and make it easy to plan and organize your conference schedule. The list is not objective, but I laid out the ranking criteria. It is based on my experience, the feedback I heard from others, the roster of speakers, and location (I live in New York). Read more here.

internet summit 2014 nc

#2 5 Must-Read Personal Development Books in 2014

I compiled a collection of personal development books that I feel should be read by every person that is genuinely interested in maximizing their own potential and achieve greater success in life and business. The list includes the books that have influenced my writing and helped me move up in the world, starting as a scaffold operator in New York ten years ago. Among my top 5 reading recommendations for 2014, you will find a couple of timeless classics as well as more recent titles. Read more here.

choose yourself

#3 The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing SEO to the Philippines Done Right: The Good, The Bad, and How to Win Big

I’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs since I started providing outsourced SEO services from Philippines 8 years ago. I saw shifts in the search engine landscape bring down SEO sweat shops. I have a bunch of stories that I could tell about outsourcing SEO, after all… and not all of them good. Google’s Panda and Penguin changed the ‘SEO outsourcing game’ forever. I’d never seen so many people quit SEO, nor had I ever seen so many service providers quiver in fear. All that are left are the “SEO Survivors.” says Dennis Seymour, the co-founder and lead SEO of LeapFroggr Inc., a digital marketing company in the Philippines. Read more.

the ultimate guide to outsourcing seo to Philippines

#4 Link Building Done Right: The Link Builders’ Lullaby by Mike King

This blog post covers a summary of the guest lecture Mike King delivered in my class at NYU, taking part in the Inbound Marketing Clinic, a research project within NYU’s M.S. in Integrated Marketing Program. Pedro Harrera (@PAH89) helped me cleaned up the transcript and turned Mike’s lecture into a blog post. Heavy On 76ers and Light on Nets seasoned Digital Marketer, Mike King from iPullRank explains how link building is done right at NYU, giving future marketers the song sequence to play the “Link Builders Lullaby” on their Ocarina when they are in strategy meetings so they can relieve themselves from the worry of Google penalizing their campaign. Read more here.

mike king ipullrank

#5 Content Marketing Toolbox: 25 Free Tools to Jumpstart Massive Traffic to Your Website

I put together a powerful resource of field-tested and proven content marketing strategies, tools, and platforms in my free e-book, Content Marketing Toolbox. The content in this free e-book was originally published in my Amazon-bestselling book, SEO Like I’m 5: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization. Read more here.

content marketing toolbox

#6 Use these 3 Blogger Community Websites to Make your Content ‘Kingged’

Content is not king. Forget what you’ve learned. Content shared in the right communities can reach “king” status if you know where to post it and how to connect with fellow community members. Optimizing your content comes down to creating magnetic headlines for your content, which vibe with a carefully-selected, targeted audience, and building relationships with community members. Read more here.

content king

#7 20 SEO Sumos to Follow on Twitter

Here is a totally subjective list of the top SEOs I follow on Twitter (in no particular order). This is not an SEO seniority list or yet another popularity contest for link building. If you follow the SEO folks listed below, you are in a good company. Read more.

sumo seo

#8 Marketing Like It’s 2014: Showing Up is 80% of Success

‘80% of success is showing up‘ Woody Allen famously said about life. Marketing in 2014 is not much different. You need to show up when consumers search for your product or service on Google; when you are spoken about on social media, or when you received a review or a comment. Read more.

Woody Allen Success Quote

#9 How to Self-Publish a Hit on Amazon, the Next Gold Rush of the Web

What’s the hottest platform for creative marketers to increase their brand and generate passive income today? Facebook? WeChat? Twitter? I’ve never made a buck of Facebook, have you? Amazon is the next gold rush on the Web. Now that the gatekeeper – a dreaded foe who is sure to reject your next manuscript while you are falling into greater and greater depression because nobody wants to publish you!!! – is finally out, follow the example of many creative minds who used Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) creatively to get ahead of the pack – against the odds – on the crowded Web. One of them is Harshajyoti Das. Read more.

Détail sceau de la californieBy Marion Touvel (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

#10 10 Blog Commenting Power Players to Watch

Blog commenting provides you with a simple, easy to follow strategy for building powerful relationships. Friends engage friends, right? Every relationship online or offline starts with a “Hello”, and blog commenting is a direct way to meet and greet just about any influencer from your niche. – wriites Ryan Biddulph, Author of Blogging from Paradise, in his popular guest post on SearchDecoder. Read more.

medium_2917799327photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

Editor’s Pick

My vote goes to The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing SEO to the Philippines Done Right: The Good, The Bad, and How to Win Big. This 8k word resource includes in-depth interviews with the ‘SEO survivors’ in Philippines and well as provides a comprehensive resource for businesses looking to outsource their SEO to places like Philippines. I think Dennis Seymour did a great job putting it together.

Which post did you like most?

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