How to Achieve Entrepreneurial Success by Living with Purpose

Productivity hacks are my favorite! What makes the 'hack' come full circle though would be staying out of the 'minors' such as  doing short term pleasurable things versus long term fulfilling things. The more we focus on the 'majors' of life,…
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How to Build an Inspiring Home Office on a Shoestring

The first rule of a soloprenuer: do not rent an office space. Second rule: 'lean' lifestyle. Soloprenuers are nimble and mobile, so keep your overhead to minimum. This will also allow you to go on workactions - a term I learned from a fellow…
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Hope is Not a Plan: 10 Focusing Questions for Entrepreneurs

Don’t Rush into a “Business Plan.” Many people will tell you that the only way you will get your idea supported is by creating a business plan. And, just as many others will tell you that no one serious about funding your idea will take…
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Bootstrapper's Guide to Start-up Marketing

Imagine a man running through a forest as fast as he absolutely can. He's pumped with adrenaline to the point where he's blazing through branches, tumbling down steep hills and scaling rocks with no fear and no pain. When faced with an…