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The New SEO Currency: Clarity

I was blown away when Kevin Lee agreed to write the foreword to my book, SEO Like I'm 5: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization, I recently published on Amazon. Kevin has been one the search marketing industry leaders since…
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Self-Made SEO Man: How to Hack Your Life, Career, and Business {Podcast}

Last week I had pleasure of joining podcast hosted by a fellow Polish SEO across the big pond, Krystian Szastok. Turns out we have a lot in common. We both emigrated from Poland in our early adulthood to seek a better future.…
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How to Leverage Author Authority for SEO

There’s a large quantity of writers on the web today, but quantity is not what is important. What is important is the quality of the writer, and the quality of work that is produced. Google can now easily filter out thin, content farm/ghost-written…
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How to Build your Credibility on the Web with Native Content and Social Connections

Are you capturing the vast opportunities that social media platforms have to offer? It's not that social media is not working for you or your business, it's the other way around. You haven't made social networks work for you. Old social…
Link Builders Lullaby

Link Building Done Right: The Link Builders' Lullaby by Mike King

This blog post covers a summary of the guest lecture Mike King (@ipullrank) delivered at NYU, taking part in the Inbound Marketing Clinic, a research project within NYU's M.S. in Integrated Marketing Program.  Big thanks to Pedro Harrera…
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#AMA Ask me Anything About SEO, Inbound Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Hello, I am Matthew Capala Ask me Anything (AMA) in the comments section below about SEO, inbound marketing, entrepreneurship, passive income, and life hacking. I will respond to every question. A bit about me....  Drop your question…
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How to Build a Community on Reddit: Q&A with Clayburn Griffin (@Clayburn)

Reddit is Internet culture. It is everything from a Q&A site to a support group to a porn site. Marketers need to understand it before they engage in spam, which tends to be their first instinct on Reddit. You can read reports and do some…
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Tips for Leveraging Triberr, SEO and Social Media for Blogging: Q&A with Paul Shapiro (@fighto)

Last week I sat with Paul Shapiro, a fellow search marketer and blogger who shared with me a couple of great blog optimization tips that every blogger should know about. I have collaborated with Paul on Triberr and have been impressed with…
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10 Shifts in SEO and Content Marketing You Should Know About

I initially wrote and submitted this blog post to Sparksheet, an award-winning multimedia magazine. Dan Levy, the editor at Sparksheet, offered really great tips on how to tighten the focus of my original submission to explore the topic of how…
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Stop Being Kanye: Mike King Explains Holistic SEO

SEO has become a big picture initiative, yet most businesses still operate in silos. Affectionately referred to as the SEO's Don Draper, Mike King (@ipullrank) explains how to think about your SEO holistically to accomplish exponential growth…
Devin Asaro NYU

What is Content Strategy and How to Make it Work for your Business with Devin Asaro, Content Strategist

In Spring, Devin Asaro, along with couple more folks from the iAqcuire inbound marketing team, guest lectured in my search marketing class at NYU on the topic of content strategy, content marketing and SEO, which was part of the Inbound Marketing…
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Unconventional Social Media Tactics with Megan Brown, Social Strategist

We've been talking a lot recently about Content Marketing and Content Strategy on Search Decoder, not just because we think it’s absolutely exciting (OK, maybe we do), but because it is important to understand the major role it plays in…