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8 Statements from Sundar Pichai that Unveil the Future of Google

Google’s third CEO, Sundar Pichai, rose quickly through the ranks to lead this monstrous company. A Stanford grad, Sundar started his career at Google in 2004 developing the company’s famous toolbar. He was also the man in charge of spearheading…
Google Changes 2015
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10 Google Changes that Will Make or Break Your SEO in 2015

Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times. Each, year there are more changes than a year ago. 2015 has already been a rollercoaster for marketers who are trying to keep up with Google… and we can expect much more…
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Why Google Glass View Is 180 Degrees Out of Whack

Guest contribution by Stephan C. Baldwin, Founder of The author's views below are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of SearchDecoder. Enhancing peripheral – not forward vision – should be Google’s…

Optimize Your Click Through Rate on Google (Infographic)

Reaching the first page of Google is just one critical step toward increasing your website traffic, which then you need to convert into audience, leads and sales. Think about the bottom line. Making your business website visible does not…
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4 Google+ Local Changes Small Businesses Need to Know About

4 Google+ Local Changes As a top performing search engine, Google is always evolving to improve user experience. But how those changes affect your business? Here are some important changes that should not go unnoticed. First things…