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Top 6 Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs on iTunes

Entrepreneurship is hard. That's why most (85%!) of new businesses fail. But it's not that the 'businesses' fail, it's the people who built them either give up, make a wrong turn, loose their edge, or fail to pivot/diversify. Persevering -…
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Hope is Not a Plan: 10 Focusing Questions for Entrepreneurs

Don’t Rush into a “Business Plan.” Many people will tell you that the only way you will get your idea supported is by creating a business plan. And, just as many others will tell you that no one serious about funding your idea will take…
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Bootstrapper's Guide to Start-up Marketing

Imagine a man running through a forest as fast as he absolutely can. He's pumped with adrenaline to the point where he's blazing through branches, tumbling down steep hills and scaling rocks with no fear and no pain. When faced with an…
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#AMA Ask me Anything About SEO, Inbound Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Hello, I am Matthew Capala Ask me Anything (AMA) in the comments section below about SEO, inbound marketing, entrepreneurship, passive income, and life hacking. I will respond to every question. A bit about me....  Drop your question…
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The 10 Secrets of Effective Bootstrap Digital Marketing for Startups

Check out the deck I presented in my keynote at the How to Get Funding From the Shark II conference hosted by Smart Money Entrepreneurs  in NYC to learn the winning bootstrap online marketing strategies for start-ups and entrepreneurs:   //…