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10 Shifts in SEO and Content Marketing You Should Know About

I initially wrote and submitted this blog post to Sparksheet, an award-winning multimedia magazine. Dan Levy, the editor at Sparksheet, offered really great tips on how to tighten the focus of my original submission to explore the topic of how…
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What is Content Strategy and How to Make it Work for your Business with Devin Asaro, Content Strategist

In Spring, Devin Asaro, along with couple more folks from the iAqcuire inbound marketing team, guest lectured in my search marketing class at NYU on the topic of content strategy, content marketing and SEO, which was part of the Inbound Marketing…

8 Content Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

Content is King - you heard it before. While it is hard to argue against this statement, content marketing is often not included in marketing budgets. The fact of the matter is that content is key to marketing online. No matter how well a product…
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Content Marketing Tips & SEO Strategies with iAcquire Team at NYU

I sat with some of the best SEOs and content marketers out there from the iAcquire inbound marketing team to talk about recent trends and strategies in content marketing and search engine optimization. We did an innovative interactive panel-format…

Small Business SEO Tips with John Doherty from Distilled

Content Marketing Explained Content marketing is one of the most popular marketing topics of 2013 and rightfully so; it’s considered the “bread and butter” of your business and how businesses can competitively gain exposure. Some however…