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5 Common Blogger Outreach Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

I’ve been on the receiving and the sending end of blogger outreach countless times, and it seems the same mistakes keep creeping up over and over again, to the point that it made sense just to write them all out and settle it once and for…
Jason Voorhees
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10 Blogging Tools to Acquire New Users Like Jason Voorhees

Imagine what your business would be like if you had 100,000 new users in a year. Sounds impossible, right? BufferApp’s co-founder Leo Widrich struggled to get the PR he wanted for his startup. So instead of hiring an expensive PR firm,…

Solopreneur Business Ideas to Help You Break the Chains of the 9 to 5

I remember what it felt like to be bound. I recall how it felt to be chained to a job you dislike. Working a 9-5 job never suited me. I felt grateful for the experience but in the same breath I felt like I was slowly dying. Waking up to work…

5 Myths About Blogging (That Will Stop You From EVER Getting Started)

So you wanted to start a blog…but didn't. Maybe you wanted to monetize a blog and live off it like this guy did, or maybe you wanted to develop your personal brand online. Either way, something has stopped you from getting started. I…

10 Blog Commenting Power Players to Watch

Blog commenting provides you with a simple, easy to follow strategy for building powerful relationships. Friends engage friends, right? Every relationship online or offline starts with a “Hello”, and blog commenting is a direct way to meet…
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How to Make a Killer Case for Starting a Blog

This is a guest post from Max Kubert of NYU. The author's views below are entirely his or her own. [Tweet "Blog is one of the most important brand's online assets - @SearchDecoder"] According to HubSpot, websites that blog receive 55%…
guest blogging relationships
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How to Leverage the Power of Guest Blogging to Win Big

Guest blogging gives a person the ability to build their credibility, links pointing to their website and social profiles, social following, community, industry relationships, visibility, increased traffic and more. It's one of the many ways…
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Tips for Leveraging Triberr, SEO and Social Media for Blogging: Q&A with Paul Shapiro (@fighto)

Last week I sat with Paul Shapiro, a fellow search marketer and blogger who shared with me a couple of great blog optimization tips that every blogger should know about. I have collaborated with Paul on Triberr and have been impressed with…
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Blogger Starter Kit: 5 WordPress Optimization Plugins You Don't Want to Miss

Blogger Starter Kit There are plenty of Wordpress optimization plugins out there, but it doesn't mean that you need more than a couple. Rather, it is important that you are strategic in your approach to picking the right options for your…