Content marketers have seen the trend for a while; now is the time to create mobile-friendly content.  As the number of Smartphone and tablet owners increases, the demand for mobile ready content grows quickly. 

Check out the statistics below to learn more about the growing trends in mobile content.


5 Tablet Content Statistics You Should Know About


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50% of Mobile Users Own Both Smartphone and Tablet

Build content for both Smartphone and tablet users. A whopping 66% get news on both devices.  Readz notes that 112.5 adults in the US are expected to own a tablet in the year 2016. This means that over 1/3 of the adults in the United States will be consuming content through their tablets by 2016.


Build a responsive content marketing campaign to take advantage of these trends. View your blog on mobile devices to make sure it is accessible and responsive. Cater to the ever growing mobile market by thinking like a mobile user and design your site with mobile in mind.

54% of Tablet Users Watch Video on Tablets

Publish video content for an ever growing mobile tablet audience. 54% of tablet users consume video on their mobile device. Video marketing can build trust and add authenticity to your brand so augment your content strategy by using video. Tablet users can become brand advocates for your entertaining, value-packed videos if you cater to this audience.


Tablet users also enjoy getting their weather information, local news and national news through their mobile devices, with 49%, 41% and 37% of users respectively digesting these forms of content. Publishing timely news or weather-related content based on twitter trending topics could help you delve into this market. An increasing number of users are choosing to read on their tablet versus a newspaper, their computer or mobile phone. Create with mobile devices in mind to capitalize on this strong trend from traditional to portable mobile reading devices.

85% Read on Tablets at Home

85% of users read on tablets at home while only 3% read during commutes. Consider publishing helpful, thorough, mobile-ready content for tablet users with that in mind. Users are less likely to rush through reading while consuming content in their den or living room. Less people are browsing their tablets at work too, switching to laptops and desktops. Only 11% read content on tablets in a work setting. If you are targeting the working/commuting crowd consider publishing short and punchy, bite-sized mobile-ready content to appeal to this audience.


29% of Smartphone users read at work, showing that employees are more likely to check their Smartphone versus firing up their tablet in the office. Commuting usage mirrors tablet statistics as only 9% read on their smart phones while traveling to and from work.

The Telegraph notes that Ipad users had 20 minutes dwell time and 41 pages per use. These statistics signify a roughly 8 times deeper access than across the web. Create keyword-rich, mobile-friendly content for Ipad owners to lower your bounce rate and improve your positioning in search engines.

57% of Tablet Users Check Headlines

In today’s microwave culture you have a split second to grab the average attention span. 57% of tablet users simply check headlines. This fact underscores the importance of crafting memorable, enticing titles to reel in readers. Mobile marketers need to write effective and descriptive headlines. Use power verbs and colorful adjectives to make your mobile content magnetic.

Only 21% of tablet users and 11% of Smartphone users actually read articles in-depth. Most mobile users scan content. Create scan-friendly, digestible content by using headers, bullet point lists and bold text. Make it easy for readers to pick out key points to increase the readability of your mobile content.


Social sharing is low on both tablets and smart phones, with only 6% and 10% of users sharing content for each mobile device. Use large, easy to spot social sharing buttons and create targeted, keyword-rich content. Give these users the option to share your content easily and intuitively.

76% of Subscribers are Switching to Digital Format

Gone are the days of expecting web junkies to fire up their desktop or laptop to consume content. 76% of subscribers are switching to a digital format. Develop a mobile strategy to capitalize on this mass migration to mobile. 60% of The Economist readers expect to be reading the magazine in digital format.


Tablet ownership has jumped a massive 177% and ownership of both a Smartphone and tablet has increase by 174%. The mobile device market continues to grow at a stunning pace. Creating mobile-friendly content is no longer an afterthought. Content marketers need to develop a mobile strategy to remain competitive in a demanding, impatient market place.

Get the high-quality infographic here with more mobile content marketing trends and statistics. 




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