Phil Jackson was one of the most successful coaches of all time. He has won 11 championships as a coach and 2 championships as a player, making his combined total of NBA rings a staggering 13 championships. He also holds the NBA coaching winning percentage record at at gaudy .704.

He’s a winner because he had a game plan. Specifically, the triangle offense. Michael Jordan upped his game when Phil Jackson introduced him to the triangle. Ditto for Scottie Pippen, Shaq and Kobe Bryant. Each superstar became an NBA champion by sticking to a game plan.

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You’ll need a plan to break the chains of your current lifestyle and eventually liberate from your 9-5 job. Doing it nilly willy won’t work. You’ll need to follow action-oriented framework to create the life of freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re hungry to start a side gig while you hold down your 9-5 job, I’ve developed a 6 months game plan to help you generate a steady passive income stream while you do the office bit. Each step will help you gradually move away from your 9-5 until you can make a clean, permanent break.

It is beyond critical to manage your cash flow during the early days of starting an online business. Jumping into a side gig with a hurried, impatient approach will eventually backfire because it takes time to build up, at least six months.

Keep your day job. Take pressure off of your cash flow. Maintain your peace of mind. Pay your bills. Put food on the table. Grow your side business from a confident, intelligent, desperation-free space.

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OK, transparency alert; old Ryan did the exact OPPOSITE of what I share here. I dove in. Biggest mistake I made in my life. However, after I got through the desperation phase of diving into the solopreneurial world without a paradise waiting for me, I studied podcasts and read books of successful soloprenuers, who hustled building a profitable business while working their full time jobs or – in many cases, including myself – were deep in debt.

Today, I am blogging from paradise as a professional, prospering digital nomad. But I did struggle for way too many years before I uncovered these basic, proven steps to growing your gig from baby acorn to monstrously towering, imposing oak tree.

Ryan Biddulph Fiji

Follow this 6 month game plan to grow your side gig into a profitable, exciting, growing business, to escape your 9-5 job once and for all!

Month 1: Start a Blog

Blogs are content central.  Blogs are critical tools in building your personal brand. Post videos, reviews, eBooks, articles, podcasts and online courses here. Blogs are branding gold, meaning that you can fully customize your blog to stand out from your niche.

At the outset, think of your blog as a cyber resume and credibility builder. It’s a door opener to build relationships online and establishing your worth, priming the pump for a prospering side gig because you get to demonstrate value and skills through your blogging exploits.

Give away gobs of free information to inspire your audience to know, like and trust you, setting the framework for a successful content monetization venture.

Blogs are the perfect side gig starter. Start by spending 30-60 minutes daily working on your blog posts and promoting them on your social networks. Studies show that an average American spends nearly 5 hours a day watching television, you can do better. Curve out a couple minutes in the morning or during your commute to start writing.

Before you start a blog check out these 19 things you need to know from the Blog Tyrant, Ramsay Taplin. This post is a gem!

PS: Start Building Your List on Day 1!

You can’t have a blog without an email newsletter. Use either Mailchimp or Aweber to crete sign-up forms on the fly to grow your email list.

Email marketing allow you to build intimate bonds with your readers, and eventually building a community that will allow you to leverage to build and distribute your content monetization products.

List building is an inexpensive and convenient way to generate online income. People may or may not check their Facebook, their twitter, their G Plus or their RSS feed regularly but you better believe most folks read emails daily if not 3 or 4 times a day.

Month 2: Launch an E-book

Successful entrepreneurs build reputations and build passive income at the same time. The two activities go hand-in-hand.

E-books are the ultimate reputation builder, which you can also use to build your subscriber list or monetize your content on Amazon Kindle. Use your limited time wisely in month 2; write 500 to 800 words daily to devote to your E-book.

Tackle topics relevant to your niche, which you want to learn about and have passion for. Curate content to become a ‘Google of information’ on specific niche to your audience. Remember, you want to make the greatest impact possible in minimal time. Additionally, publishing your E-book on Amazon – the next gold rush on the Web for soloprenuers – gives you access to a massive, global audience, hungry for consuming what you have to offer.

Launch an e-book to:

  • communicate your message
  • deliver value
  • establish credentials
  • build email subscribers
  • upsell your info-products and services
  • monetize on Amazon Kindle

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Month 3: Engage in an Aggressive Outreach Campaign

Outreach makes or breaks your side gig. If you are not willing to build relationships through email or social media outreach, your blog and E-book will look like a lemonade stand in the middle of the desert. You need to point eyeballs to your content and aggressively build relationships with other bloggers.

In the bolgospehere, teamwork makes the dream work!

Because you can’t be your own reader or customer of your own product you’ll need to meet people through:

  • email marketing
  • personalized, 1 to 1 emails
  • blog commenting
  • social media marketing
  • Skype chats
  • Google hangouts
  • podcasting

Form connections with leaders and influencers in your field by delivering value to them. Share their content and comment on their post to get their attention, and the good karma will eventually flow back your own thriving solo business.

Building a side gig part-time requires you to meet as many influential, inspired entrepreneurs in your niche as possible. Use these criteria to evaluate the strength of your online relationships:

  • inspire you
  • teach you
  • support you
  • offer you feedback
  • endorse you
  • prosper you

Make an impact on each person you cyber meet by writing thoughtful 3 to 4 paragraph comments on authority blogs. Blog commenting works!

Month 4: Set up an Affiliate Income Streams

Ok, you have your trust building blog in place that generates traffic, social sharing, and new email subscribers. Outreach? Down. Newsletter? You better.

Now it’s time to set up an affiliate income stream. Keep in mind that affiliate marketing is a long-term play, you will not make any significant income from affiliate dollars, but after a couple of years of blogging things start to compound – as your traffic and community grows – so it’s best to set up affiliate marketing accounts early.

Sure you can do a fair amount of legwork to get your name out there but to generate passive income over time you want to capitalize on the work of others.

You should only promote an affiliate product you feel passionate about, such as a software or a book you recently read. But first, buy the product. use the product, and then create content that adds value to the reader. How did the online course, or e-book, benefit you?

Never try sell what you didn’t buy or allow the amount of affiliate payout to determine your recommendations. Your energy makes or breaks your affiliate marketing campaign. Sophisticated buyers can spot a dishonest person a mile away.

Keep your online reputation intact. Earn the trust of your target audience selling with integrity, solving problems, and offering value first and foremost. Prosper now and in the long run with smart affiliate marketing.

For example, I am affiliate for Matt’s SEO Like I’m 5 Course on Udemy. I carefully studied each lesson and I have to say that it’s the number 1 SEO training system online. It helped me prosper and grow traffic to my blog.

Side gig crew, you want that sweet passive income to flow to you while busy with your job. Set up at least 1 affiliate stream. Promote said stream to your email list. Review the product. Offer strong points and weak points. Only promote that which has benefited you to maximize your profits.

Month 5: Develop a Business Model

Take a deep breath side gig’ers. Month 5 is perhaps the most critical month in your campaign to escape the 9-5. This period requires you to put on your thinking cap.  Not an easy task I know because you’ll be busy working your job and tending to your side business too. Make being free more important than doing the uncomfortable but necessary legwork to launch a successful product or service. Hustle hard!

Ask yourself a series of questions:

  • what do you love doing online?
  • what do you feel passionate about?
  • how can you transform this passion into profits?

Check out this article to see if your product or service idea passes the test. How to Research Your Business Idea

Once you narrow down your list of potential income streams think about natural fits for online entrepreneurs. For example, you may enjoy offering:

  • freelance writing services
  • blog consulting services
  • social media consulting
  • web design services
  • online courses
  • marketing consulting
  • info-products

The possibilities are limitless, and once you established your credibility, platforms such as Kindle, Fiverr,,, and Udemy make it easy to monetize and promote your content.

However, you need the perfect match to make your offer pop. Be patient. Narrowing your list of potential streams may take some time but that’s why I want you to spend a month researching your next step thoroughly.

As a rule of thumb; the one skill you enjoy the most you usually practice the most. Profits follow passion and practice. I love to write. I write 6,000 words or more daily, which allowed me to build passive income streams through Kindle marketing on Amazon. That said, I am also a natural match to offering freelance writing services.

kindle marketing

Once you decide on a product or service it’s time for your launch!

Month 6: Offer an Info-Product or Service

I am a freelance writer, blog coach and I also publish eBooks on Amazon Kindle, among other income streams I have opened online. The launch of each income stream was vital in growing my businesses into a prospering, successful space because each stream compounds and opens up new opportunities.

For example, let’s say you want to offer a freelance writing service.

Take these steps:

  • publish a freelance writing sales page on your blog
  • publish a freelance writing post on your blog
  • link up to your blog page or post through frequent, benefits-driven, calls to action at the conclusion of your blog post
  • If appropriate and relevant, note how you are a fellow freelance writer in blog comments on relevant blogs

The latter bullet point has worked well for me. I may drop the “fellow freelance writer” line within an in-depth, helpful comment if I am commenting on a freelance writing blog focused on a freelance writing topic. I have attracted a few clients using this approach. Try it for yourself.

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Publish your E-Books to Kindle on Amazon. Tap into a wide range of benefits including free promotions, Kindle select and the Kindle Matchbook program. Amazon Kindle makes it incredibly easy for busy, time-strapped freedomprenuers to promote their content to a huge audience through these programs.

Feeling a bit lost about hoe to publish a rocking eBook? Check out my E-Book on Amazon: How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook

Détail sceau de la californieBy Marion Touvel (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Spread the word! Escaping the 9-5 requires boldness, clarity and a willingness to share your gifts with the world while profiting handsomely.

If you want to create a buzz for your new product check out this fab blog post:

Launch Like Steve Jobs: 7 Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Product Launch

What tips can you add to this list?

Are you transitioning from 9-5 employee to a solopreneur?

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