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A de-VINE Scalable Social Video Platform to Engage with Consumers in Today’s Inbound Marketing Era

Over the past ten years, the relationship between brands and consumers has evolved into an interactive and dynamic one.  As such, the public is growing more accustomed to this and is becoming more demanding for increased engagement and interaction.

What do consumers demand? Consumers are demanding added value and with faster technologies, more social video platforms and accountability.  Quite simply they expect that brands go the extra mile. To satisfy consumers’ demands, the marketing industry evolved into what we now know as Inbound Marketing: the generation of valuable and relevant content to engage in a successful, long-term relationship with consumers.

Evolution of Social Video Apps

There is no doubt that the role of social media in this evolution is essential.

vine social video app

In one of her latest blog posts, The Importance of Video in Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC], Monica Rimeri (@MJRomeriDDC), a content writer with Innovative Marketing Resources, wrote, the following:

“When tackled strategically, social media can act as a powerful marketing channel, even for small businesses and B2B companies.  One way to reenergize and amplify your social media marketing is to create a short, highly shareable video to boost social lead conversions.”

Social networks, Facebook and Twitter are aware of this and have already started to get their hands on it.  We saw a couple months ago how Facebook is betting on improving the way content is consumed on its platform. Two of the latest improvements are the Social Graph and the Newsfeed update. The latest development in the social video area is Twitter’s Vine Social Video App.


What is Vine App?

Vine is a social video app, with which one can upload and share a six second video within social media. Vine was created by Dom Hofmann (@dhof) and Rus Yusupov (@rus) in June 2012 and Twitter bought it on October 2012. Vine App was launched on January 24th 2013.

On the Vine Blog Dom Hofmann, Co-founder & GM of Vine, describes the platform  as: “Posts on Vine are about abbreviation — the shortened form of something larger. They’re little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life.”

Check out an example of a Vine Post by CONAN below, promoting the show.


4 easy steps to get started on Vine:

1. Download the Vine app from the app store.

2. Signup with Twitter or with an email address.

3. Shoot your video:  You get six seconds – the time per shot will start when you press the screen and stop when you release it. Each shot will be recorded only when         your finger is press on to the screen.

4. Making your Vine video public:

a. Define the tittle (you can tag other users by including their “@” names or you can include any # hashtag)

b. You can add your location

c. You can choose social media tools to share your video: Vine (*), Twitter or Facebook.

(*) You need to share it through Vine in order to share it in the other social media options.

For an example of using Vine for Business, Check out the Vine Post by Air New Zeland USA below, promoting their service and driving social media engagement.

Marketing with Vine

How Can businesses take advantage of Vine? HubSpot, has recently released a fantastic e-book entitled: “How to Attract Costumers with Twitter and Vine” in which they show the reader how to take advantage of Inbound marketing platforms using Twitter. We spoke with Anum Hussein (@anummedia), Inbound Content Strategist at HubSpot, and we asked her :

What does social video means for business? She kindly answered:

“Vine has made it possible for any business with an iPhone to delight the world. Small businesses continue to struggle to find unique ways to discuss their brand through a visual outlet. Everyone knows a Vine video will have low production quality, opening possibilities for anyone who can push a button to upload a video. At HubSpot, we’ve used it to make 6-seconds of marketing delight, stop-motion videos, or even had our CMO Mike Volpe answer what marketing is in simply six seconds. With Vine, creativity is not limited to those with a professional camera.”

Key Strategies for Using Vine for Business

In summary Business can take advantage of Vine and increase their reach by:

  • Promoting product launches, events or other activities
  • Showing their corporate culture in a much personal way
  • Promote specific product features
  • Showing how their products should be used to reach their potential
  • Featuring any PR and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities

On the other hand, what does Vine means for consumers? For consumers, Vine app is a new platform to share content creatively in their own networks and to interact with brands and businesses in a much real and intimate way.

We identified 4 main benefits of using Vine for consumers:

  1. Create a compelling yet simple and unsophisticated video to express thoughts and ideas, or just to have fun.
  2. Increase their social network reach through a better engagement
  3. Access a new side of their favorite brands, celebs, friends or who ever they decide to follow
  4. Build a deeper connection with their network, followers and businesses they follow.

 Vine’s Impact on SEO & Social Search

As we already know Google rewards sharable content because it leads to consumer engagement. That is why Social Networks have gained more SEO prominance in the past year. In order to be sharable, content needs to be not only relevant but also engaging. While images help a lot to engage consumers, videos take the brand-consumer relationship to another level. Social Video is a response on how consumers have decided to communicate with companies and amongst each other. Therefore, Vine is the logical next step for Twitter – a definite way to build stronger business relationships and enhance consumer experience.

There is no doubt that Twitter’s Vine will make social search campaigns more awesome!

Monica De La VillaMonica De La Villa (@monicadelavill4) is a second year Integrated Marketing Grad Student at NYU. Her concentration is Digital Marketing and she is very enthusiast about Search and Social Media. Before starting her Master, she worked at AB-Inbev Perú as a Brand Manager. She is passionate about food, photography and NYC. Find Monica on Linkedin.

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  1. Matthew Capala
    Matthew Capala says:

    All great points – Vine seems to also be a very effective platform to integrate with a contest for user generated content that will live on social media and drive engagement

  2. Keisha Stephen-Gittens
    Keisha Stephen-Gittens says:

    This was a really great article Monica. I definitely see how Vine can be integrated in marketing campaigns and be a budget or cost effective way of doing so. It’s unfortunate however that it’s currently available for iPhone and iPod touch devices only. It’s exciting to see how technology is developing to keep us socially connected. Videos we know encourage more click throughs and engagement, imagery and pictures I believe are second, therefore Instagram is another visual social tool that can be strategically used by business/brands to engage with customers as well as get free publicity. DSW is one brand that I can think of at the top of my head that uses this wisely. Good thing – it’s available on most devices. Hopefully Vine is working on including Androids and a wider audience in the very close future!

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