I’ve faced a lot of times the situation when you may have many subscribers from email lists, but followers and friends in social media networks are not enough to swear by. In this step-by-step tutorial, I wanted to share my experience how to increase a number of interested social media followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn using your email newsletter and contacts in Facebook. – writes Irina Weber. Irina is a contributor to SearchDecoder.com, opinions her own.

Why do you need to combine target audience?

It helps to:

  1. To build up your brand in the mind of your target audience;
  2. To get preferences and needs of subscribers. Getting data from different social platforms allows to analyze online activities of your followers and provide them a necessary information at proper time;
  3. To create solid connections with your target audience. People love sharing their emotions, ideas and stories in social media accounts.


Get a CSV file with your subscriber emails

First, you should get a CSV file with emails of all your subscribers. You can download the CSV file from your newsletter service. I am using Mailersoft, which makes it easy to do that. All email services like MailChimp follow a similar procedure. Go to the subscriber list, mark all contacts and export in a CSV format.

Socia media tutorial get emails

How to download a CSV file from your Gmail?

In the top-left corner click “Contacts”, choose “More” – “Export.” In a new window click “all contacts” or “the group of your contacts” and “Outlook CSV format (for importing into Outlook or another application)”.


How to download emails from your Facebook page?

It can take more time as you need to have a yahoo email. As soon as you log in a new Yahoo email, click Contacts in the upper menu, choose import contacts from Facebook (if it takes much time to download all contacts, just refresh a page).

facebook emails

It is one of the most effective ways to reach the most powerful experts and influencers that don’t reply back to you.

P.S. In order to export Facebook contacts in CSV format you should do that manually as Yahoo blocks doing this process for Facebook.

facebook contacts

How to invite your subscribers to your Facebook Page?

Identify Facebook feature “Invite friends to like your company” under ‘Find Friends’ tab (screenshots below). This feature works great for me. After adding email subscribers, the organic growth of visitors per week made up 600% in comparison with the previous week.

increase in facebook following

Concerning the feature to suggest my FB page to email contacts, the FB support team tells us in a concise way.

facebook email contacts You should go to the “Find friends” – > “Other email service.” Enter your mail and upload the CSV file from Yahoo.

facebook case study

How to use Facebook retargeting to grow your social following

Thanks to retargeting in Facebook, you can now attract new customers. Just go to “Adverts Manager” – “Audiences,” click “Create Audiencem” and choose “Customer list.”

facebook dashboard

You need to upload a data file that contains email addresses.

By the way, you can add all your Facebook followers to your email lists. The sync level on these platforms can reach up to 55-60%.

How to add subscribers in Google+

It is important to add subscribers in Google + from newsletter to promote your YouTube channel (in case you have it).

Go to the tab “People” and choose “Connect services”.

google plus export emails

In a new window click “Open an address book” and upload the file with emails of your subscribers.

google plus emails

How to add subscribers in Linkedin

LinkedIn doesn’t allow subscribers to be included into your group or company. First, you need to add them as friends and send them group invitations.

What is the benefit of LinkedIn? Subscribers often do not unsubscribe from email notifications as it requires a manual action, LinkedIn will send them alerts with new posts, news, comments and other mentions about your company. It’s a very effective social media growth hack.

It is also easy to import contacts from CSV into LinkedIn.

linkedin connections

Choose “Any Email” and import your contacts.

export linkedin emails

How to add subscribers in Twitter

You can add all new contacts to Twitter with the help of a new Yahoo email that includes all emails of your Facebook subscribers.

twitter contacts

In your Twitter account find the tab “Find people you know” and import all contacts from Yahoo email.

twitter contacts export

If you customize everything in a right way, your email subscribers will start discussing your latest news in social networks, share your tweets, like your videos in Google + and take an active participation in LinkedIn discussions.

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What’s your favorite technique for growing your social media audience?

irina weberIrina Weber is a blogger and customer manager of SE Ranking. She create and develop new marketing campaigns, write articles about online marketing, social media, conversion optimization on popular websites like Jeff Bullas, WordTracker, Onblastblog and runs his own blog on SE Ranking. If you get any questions, you can reach me on Twitter.

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