It’s that time of the year again, when you start putting a plan together of which conferences you will attend throughout the coming months.  If, that is, you made enough of a business case to get the funding from your boss. Let me help you decide what to put on your list in 2014.

I complied  your number one resource of 35 of the best SEO, content marketing and social media conferences around the country.

I built the list below because I wanted to create a central resource for you to quickly and easily see all the upcoming inbound marketing conferences and make it easy to plan and organize your conference schedule.

The list is not objective. It is based on my experience, the feedback I hear from others, the roster of speakers, and location (I live in New York).

Ranking criteria:

1) Quality of content and speakers

My favorite speakers include Gary Vaynerchuk (author of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook), Rand Fishkin (author of Inbound Marketing & SEO), and Kristina Halvorson (author of Content Strategy for the Web). So, Mozcon, Confab and Internet Summit are among the top conferences on my list. I also love learning from the founders of start-ups and entrepreneurs, so you will see events such as SXSW Interactive, Internet Summit and Internet Week.

internet summit 2014 nc

2) Networking

I love to network, and some conferences have more networking value than others. For example, I had a lot of fun at NMX in Las Vegas this year because bloggers and podcasters are great to connect with. Some of the smaller conferences, such as SearchLove, stand out for networking because of the more intimate setting.

nmx las vegas 2014

3) Location

When you plan your conference schedule you always think about travel to cool places. Can it get any better than Pubcon in New Orleans this year? I am also excited to go to Austin for SXSW Interactive and Seattle for Mozcon.

pubcon new orleans 2014

4). Collaboration

You need to get immersed in the start-up world for opportunities to do cool things with smart people who have a lot of drive. The two conferences that stand out in 2014 are SXSW Interactive in Austin and Internet Week in NY. If you are a blogger looking for content, go to NMX where you can find a blogger to interview on any imaginable subject.

internet week new york

5) Fun

Plan your conference schedule to connect with people who have similar passions and are fun to be around. The Internet Summit in Raleigh was the most fun experience for me in 2013. I made tons of new friends. Mozcon is also legendary for fun – if you are new to it just follow the hashtag #MozCrawl.


6) Speaking Opportunities

I always look for opportunities to land cool speaking gigs that can get me a free pass to conferences. Attending the conferences where you would like to be speaker allows you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the organizers and speakers, who may then refer you.


7) Business Development

Bringing new business is part of my job description at Lowe Profero.  Last year, SMX East was a hit for me in terms of business development. It resulted in winning a million dollar marketing budget account. If you are looking to meet clients, go to SMX.  This year, I am planning to be at SMX West.


8) Value

Price is an obvious consideration for everyone. In my view, the Internet Summit tops the list in terms of the optimum value for your dollars.  For $295 you get keynotes with speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Alexis Ohanian, and Duane Forrester. The conference ticket came with one of the best after-parties I’ve been to with Coolio rocking the mic. 

internet summit 2013 coolio

35 SEO, Content & Social Media Conferences to Attend in 2014

The below list of inbound marketing conferences covers a wide range of topics ranging from SEO, Social Media Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Marketing, Blogging, Monetization, Paid Search, Digital Media, Technology, UX, etc. The ranking includes four buckets, in which the events are sorted by date. The Diamond bucket represents my ideal annual conference schedule in 2014. However, I plan to be at as many of the 35 events as I can, either as an attendee or as a speaker. They are all great conferences.

If you know of a worthwhile event on the topic of SEO, content marketing or social media that is not on the list, please submit it in the comments section. Enjoy!



Event City Date Price Focus
New Media Expo Las Vegas, NV Jan 4-6 $697 Blogging & Content Creation
Social Media Week New York, NY Feb 17-21 $319 – $399 Social Media
SXSW Interactive Austin, TX Mar 7-11 $795 – $1,295 Digital Media, Tech & Content
Pubcon New Orleans New Orleans, LA Mar 18-20 $799 – $899 Social Media & Optimization
AdTech SF San Francisco, CA Mar 26-27 $1,095 – $1,795 Digital Media & Tech
Confab Central Minneapolis, MN May 7-9 $999 – $1,249 Content Strategy
Mozcon Seattle, WA Jul 14-16 $799 – $1,299 SEO
Inbound Boston, MA Sep 15-18 $1,199-$1,499 Inbound Marketing
Internet Summit Raleigh, NC Nov 12-14 $295 Social, Content & UX


Event City Date Price Focus
Social Media Strategies Summit Las Vegas, NV Feb 4-6 $1,795 Social Media
SMX West San Jose, CA Mar 11-13 $1,595 – $1,795 SEO & Paid Search
Social Media Mktg World Dallas, TX Mar 26-28 $997 – $1,197 Social Media Marketing
SearchLove Boston Boston, MA Apr 9-8 $799 – $1,099 SEO
Internet Week New York, NY May 19-22 $325 Digital Media & Tech
Content Marketing World Cleveland, OH Sep 8-11 $995 – $1,495 Content Marketing
iSummit Orlando, FL Oct $149 – $249 Digital Media
AdTech NY New York, NY Nov 5-6 NA Digital Media & Tech
Seattle Interactive Seattle, WA Fall NA Tech, Digital Media & Design
Dallas Digital Summit Dallas, TX Fall $295 Digita Medial, Tech & Design


Event City Date Price Focus
Affiliate Summit West Las Vegas, NV Jan 12-14 $1,249 Affiliate Marketing
SearchFest Portland, OR 28-Feb $359 – $699 SEO & SEM
Adobe Summit Salt Lake City, UT Mar 24-28 $2,300 Digital Marketing & Analytics
Blogher San Jose, CA Jul 24-26 $249 – $799 Blogging
C3 New York, NY Sep 16-18 $599 – $949 SEO & Content Marketing
B2B Marketing Forum Boston, MA Oct NA B2B Marketing
SMX East New York, NY Oct $1,595 – $1,795 SEO & Paid Search
SearchLove SD San Diego, CA Fall NA SEO


Event City Date Price Focus
Pubcon Regional Austin, TX 28-Jan $249 – $649 Social Media & SEO
ClickZ Live NY New York, NY Mar 31-1 $1,395 – $2,795 Digital Marketing
ClickZ Live SF San Fran, CA Apr 11-14 NA Digital Marketing
SMX Advanced Seattle, WA Jun 10-11 NA SEO & Paid Search
Affiliate Summit East New York, NY Aug 10-12 $1,249 Affiliate Marketing
Bend WebCAM Bend, Oregon Oct 13-14 Creative, SEO & Digital Marketing
ClickZ CH Chicago, IL Nov 3-6 NA Digital Marketing


Which of the conferences have you been to?

Is there any conference I missed but should be on the list?

Let me know your feedback in the comments below.

See you at the next conference! 

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