Check out the deck I presented in my keynote at the How to Get Funding From the Shark II conference hosted by Smart Money Entrepreneurs  in NYC to learn the winning bootstrap online marketing strategies for start-ups and entrepreneurs:


#1 Why predatory marketing tactics don’t work anymore

#2 How to attract your customers online like a magnet

#3 How to own your Zero Moment of Truth in Google

#4 How to leverage personal branding for your business

#5 How to turn your start-up into a media company

#6 How to win the battles on the Internet before the first shots are fired

#7 How to design a content machine that looks like a healthy heartbeat

#8 How to set-up and leverage a winning lead generation strategy

#9 How to become interesting on social media by being interested

#10 How to set your goals and KPIs

+ A list of awesome free (or low cost) inbound marketing tools for start-ups


Look out for a post on this topic on the blog near you.

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