Reading about how to get in good shape without leaving your sofa will not help you get your dream six-pack abs. You need to get active and “show up” at the gym for regular workouts. You need healthy high-protein diet. You need to build systems, such as daily routines and habits.

The same applies to SEO strategies, which are only effective when they’re actionable. If you don’t act on the technical audit and content strategies, you won’t see any improvement to your website’s online visibility.

You need to get your hands dirty (either working solo or with an agency/consultant /developer/team). Put another way, it’s not enough to read about the history of the tree. You need get out there and pick the fruit!

Systems and processes are the core of SEO

The SEO templates I am sharing with you here are the fundamentals of a well-executed SEO strategy. My goal is gradually equip you with the winning tools and strategies to get ahead as you start filling out the data. I promise you that if you follow through on your homework, you’ll get stronger every day.

If you need a more detailed description of each template along with step-by-step instructions on how to build and execute a winning SEO game plan, get the 2016 edition of my bestselling book, “SEO Like I’m 5: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization.”

SEO Like 5 2016 edition

To help you put your new knowledge into action, I’ve included five SEO templates to jumpstart your SEO efforts. These templates will let you gather enough data to prioritize efforts and develop a strategic online visibility action plan. They will also help you audit your site, develop effective content, prospect bloggers, and track your progress.

Keep reading to get detailed description of each template, or you can get the Excel templates right now straight to your inbox using the form below.

SEO Health Check Template

We usually use a simple scorecard system when we start an analysis of a website. Before you get into the details of implementation, follow this simple 4-point scale to identify and fix the major technical roadblocks of your website, as well as to identify the performance gaps across key areas affecting SEO success.

– Red: Needs urgent improvement

Orange: Needs attention

– Light Green: Is strong, but can be further optimized

Green: Follows all best SEO practices

It’s important to self-assess the fundamental components of your SEO building blocks, such as tech and domain authority. This analysis is both qualitative and quantitative. Try rating your website (or your client’s website) based on SEO metrics in comparison to your competitors. Have an idea how the best practice look like.

SEO health check template

This ‘eagle’s view’ health-check of your online visibility will help you prioritize your SEO efforts by focusing on items that are underperforming most (which means they also present the biggest performance upside).

Staying focused on the goal of removing red scores will give you the “biggest bang for the buck.”

I also use the same simple scoring system to understand the key strengths and weakness of a business, including the strength of domains, backlinks, social community, content, and conversions.

You’ll find a list of tech tools and descriptions of each items’ evaluation criteria to use in your analysis.

Keyword Mapping Template

Every web page (unless strategically deemed otherwise) needs to be ‘mapped’ to the keywords you target. Keyword targeting is one the key principles of SEO, yet many website owners fail to document and strategize their keyword ranking objectives. This template will help you get this process organized.

Have an existing website? You can easily populate the data for your site using the Screaming Frog tool, which gives you a clear picture of your current state of keyword mapping.

 SEO keyword mapping template

If you’re starting from scratch, document the addition of every new webpage using this template, which will make sure you:

– Map a unique keyword to each web page

– Use the keyword in the key SEO tags on your site, such as Title, Description and URL of a web page

– Aren’t missing any SEO tags — or have duplicate tags — on your site

Blogger Outreach Template

Make no mistake: building relationships with bloggers and influencers in your field is one of the cornerstones of SEO success. Don’t wait for them to find your great content: get proactive and start conversations, using various outreach methods discussed in this book, including email and social media channels such as Twitter.

One of the most important principles of successful blogger outreach is that you must contact the right people and follow up in a systematic and organized fashion. This process is very similar to building a strong list of sales or media contacts.

Blogger Outreach Template

The Blogger Outreach SEO template will help you:

– Prospect bloggers who are influencers in your business niche

– Analyze each blogger’s website authority and social following

– Tag blogger prospects according to their likelihood of responding or engaging with you

SEO Report Template

Obviously, you need to monitor your website’s performance to be able to determine whether your SEO efforts are successful. There are plenty of SEO dashboards and online tools available to help you do this, but we recommend our template because it uses a variety of meaningful signals to give you a comprehensive feedback on your SEO efforts, including:

– Monthly scores and month-over-month changes

– Google Analytics traffic and conversions

– Technical scores

– Authority scores

– Keyword rankings

Content Calendar Template

Our content calendar template is a shareable resource that marketing teams can use to plan all content marketing activity on their blog and social media, as well as offsite content campaigns (ex: guest blogging, reposting) . The benefit of using the calendar format, rather than just a long list of content to be published, is that you can visualize how your content is distributed and which persona do you target with each content piece.

SEO content calendar template

Have you downloaded your SEO templates yet?

You can use the form the below. Make sure to check your email to confirm your subscription to receive the Excel file.

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