While SEO can take a good amount of time and effort, there’s no doubt it’s necessary work. You can use multiple SEO tools to make sure you have a website that performs well when it comes to optimization. With these 18 browser extensions, you can use your time even more efficiently. These plugins will help with website analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, rankings, and technical auditing. Most of these extensions work best in Google Chrome or Firefox.

18 SEO Browser Toolbar Extensions to Improve Efficiency


Mozbar works as you go. Instead of spending time researching your competitors, you can use this tool for quick insights on keyword difficulty scores, backlink profiles, and ranking ability of any website you visit.


SEOquake is a program which allows users to view a large number of SE parameters on the fly. The program consists of three functional parts: SeoToolbar (requested parameters are shown in a separate toolbar in the browser), Seobar (requested parameters are shown in a separate, fully customizable with CSS, HTML block) and output of requested parameters on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).


Majestic SEO Toolbar 

Majestic’s free features allow you to view important information on every page you visit, such as number of backlinks, Citation Flow and Trust Flow scores, timelines of how pages acquire links over time, and more. Paid subscriptions to this service allow for even more SEO information. Find out more about Majestic’s paid features here.


Comprehensive website analytics are made accessible and legible with this visual platform. AHREFS allows you to choose which metrics matter most to you so you can have in-depth info that you can actually use. Social metrics for Google +, Facebook, and Twitter are also assessed.


This Chrome extension gets data out of webpages and into spreadsheets. Users call it a “sweet little program to save you time.” Easy-to-use, simple data mining designed for developers!

SEO Site Tools 

SEO Site Tools is extremely useful for quickly researching and comparing multiple sites. In one click you can have the Google PageRank for any URL as well as other important SEO data. Includes a traffic graph, backlink counter, social share counter, list of keywords and more.

Check My Links 

Check My Links crawls through a webpage to highlight broken links. Don’t waste time checking them all yourself next time your editing or creating a webpage! It’s simple: broken links will be highlighted in red and working links in green. A quick and useful addition to your Chrome browser.

Check My Links

Meta SEO Inspector 

Reveal interesting site properties and verify HTML guidelines while viewing the meta-data inside webpages. Alerts are shown when meta-data is outside of certain ranges for optimization. Developers love this tool for quick auditing!

SEO SERP Workbench 

Enter a keyword and quickly check yours and your worldwide competitors’ positions.

Domain Hunter Plus 

Domain Hunter Plus is a streamlined Chrome extension that allows you to quickly scan the current web page and check for dead links and available domain names.  Once the app notifies you of dead links, it queries an internet domain registrar to find which are available to register and them takes you directly to the registration pages.


With Firebug, you can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. You can choose with intent which sites to enable the tool for as to not be distracting or obtrusive when not needed. More detailed info about the specs of Firebug here.


Page Load Time  

Displays page load time in the toolbar on each page you visit. Web Timing APA is used for precise measurement.


MozCast tracks the day-to-day changes in the Google algorithm. More info about the MozCast “weather tracker” here. This extension displays the algorithm temperature right in your browser for quick access.

Nofollow Plugin

Find which links are not working for you with this Chrome tool. It detects nofollow and noindex meta-tags on any website, even engine-specific tags.

goo.gl URL Shortener 

Quickly shorten links without having to click away- you know you need this!


With NoteAnywhere you can do just that- take notes anywhere. In any position on any webpage, make notes for yourself that you can view each time you load the page in the future. You can customize the background color, font color, and font size so that each note you make is visible and legible for you.

WooRank SEO and Website Analysis 

WooRank allows you to generate in-depth reports about websites to analyze rankings, visibility, usability, and social stats. You can download reviews as branded PDFs for sending to clients or coworkers.



ShareMetric Chrome Extension is a tool built by Content Harmony to display social shares, incoming link metrics, and organic search visibility in your Chrome browser. Content Harmony is known for its results-driven approach which is evident with this tool.

Do you have a favorite browser extension for SEO? Please share in the comments!

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