There’s no silver bullet when it comes to SEO. No single thing that guarantees success. Partly because things are always changing, partly because every situation requires a unique approach. Knowing this, it’s good to familiarize yourself with SEO advice from experts around the world. For this, look to Quora! People all over the world are sharing their best advice for free. Free advice? Yeah, I’ll take that!  

Check out these 9 SEO advice picks from Quora. I screened the top-rated answers to the question, “What is the single best piece of SEO advice?,” to find these ideas for you.

SEO Advice Quora

1) Create a site, service, product or hook that has a natural, viral feedback component accessible to search engines, via — links, embeds, badges, incentives to share, etc. Make it repeatable and compelling.

Rand Fishkin: Wizard of Moz

2) The best piece of SEO advice is to focus on creating trust through everything you do online and offline.

Matt McGee: Started doing SEO around 1999/2000.


3) It’s nearly impossible to come up with one, so I’m going to give you a short list: Know and understand technical SEO, Know and understand Analytics, and TEST!

Ryan Stewart: I Drive Online Revenue.

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4) Basically, accept that SEO is a marathon and a way of life, rather than a sprint and short term objective. It is something that you need to build into your habits, processes and company culture, bake into to website’s or applications’ DNA and systemize, rather than ‘get crossed of the 30 point to-do-list’.

Sotiris Spyrou: Founder of ∞ Paradox SEO


5) SEO isn’t about best practices. It’s about pushing the envelope. Learn how to engage your users in an entirely unique and new way, and do your best to do that every time.

Richard Baxter: SEO consultant –

6) Create great content. By which I don’t just mean grammatically acceptable, or quite interesting.  It should be exciting, engaging content that makes people that have read it remember it weeks later.

John Hughes: SEO consultant since last century!

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7) The best piece of advice I would have, is create great content that solves a problem. i.e. create well written, well designed content that solves a gap in the information out there. It doesn’t have to be new information, maybe your content has video, images or is based on your personal experiences.

Mark Collier: Founder: SEO, link building expert and fledgling pro

Problem Solving

8) Don’t learn SEO from reading blogs you find searching for “SEO blogs” learn SEO by doing. Create something. Test test test. Push it to the limit. Burn it. Try again. Get your hands dirty. That is how you learn SEO.

Matt Siltala: Founding Launcher – Avalaunch Media – specializes in Content Marketing

9) At the heart, SEO is about what people find interesting. So combine hard data from search engine keyword tools with what people will find interesting to read. There are a lots of different content options for a specific keyword phrase.

Courtney Ramirez: Star Trek Nerd, Content Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, Social Media Blogger

Do you have a piece of SEO advice? Please share!

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