For prosperous SEO, one of our best tools is wisdom: learning lessons from the past to bring with us into the future. Here, we’ve collected Search Decoder’s Top 10 in 2015 to overview our year’s most significant conversations and discoveries in SEO and content marketing. Check out these pieces of info before heading into the New Year!

#1 Chinese Social Media: 10 Marketing Tips How to Win on Sina Weibo

Marketers all over the world have discovered the relatively new but incontestable importance of social media in the marketing mix. In China, social media has created an even more targeted way for companies to interact directly with consumers. The country’s leading social site, Weibo, is made up of the exact portion of the population almost every marketer wants to reach; here is how they’re doing it successfully.  

weibo social media china

#2 8  Growth Hacking Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Growing a successful business is no minor task. There are some things you should learn to do as an entrepreneur in order to put your business in the best position to thrive. Fortunately, there are experts out there who can teach us things like audience development, SEO, effective copywriting and smart ad purchasing. Check out our list for some must-reads for entrepreneurs.

#3 The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing SEO to the Philippines Done Right: The Good, The Bad, and How to Win Big

Truly, answers to all your questions about outsourcing SEO. What types of companies can you outsource to? Why should you outsource? What risks are involved? Why the Philippines? Which companies can actually be trusted investments? You won’t find a more comprehensive guide to outsourcing SEO than this guest post by insider Dennis Seymour. 

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#4 The Ultimate SEO Playbook for 2016

With Google’s almost constantly changing algorithms, it’s hard to keep up with SEO. One thing we can do is look forward to the year ahead and prepare ourselves for SEO alterations in 2016. In this roundup of information from Sam Hurley, learn some of the most important changes from the past year as well as trends in priorities, opportunities and strategies to look for in 2016.

#5 7 Best Books on Startups and Entrepreneurship

Read case studies, how-to’s, shortcuts, and overviews on what it takes to be a startup. These seven books are a good start to a long process of the learning and changing that it takes to be a successful and fulfilled entrepreneur. 

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photo credit: gioiadeantoniis via photopin cc

#6 7 Lessons for Effective B2B Content Marketing via the Maersk Line Case Study

It’s time that B2B marketers learn useful approaches of their own rather than just altering all the many ideas for marketing B2C. After all, content strategies for these two types of marketers have to be very different in order for either to be effective. This case study of a remarkably successful B2B content strategy is a great place to start learning

#7 20 Resources of 2015 Marketing and Social Media Statistics

No need to assume how things are shaping up with SEO, social media, small business, and email marketing: check out this up-to-date list of stats instead.

numbers photo credit: Found Movable Type via photopin (license)

#8 Beginners Guide to Quora: 6 Tips How to Use Quora for Marketing

This is an important site to master while distinguishing its possibilities from other social media sites. Quora has seen continuous user growth each year and offers a multitude of unique ways for users to interact and seek information. Businesses can monitor conversations that matter, interact and build relationships with consumers, and build networks and brand awareness.

#9 The Ultimate Guide to Renting Your Place (and Making Money) on Airbnb

Anyone can list a property on Airbnb, but it takes optimization and a sprinkle of courtesy to have a ranked listing on this site. Read this guide for a foolproof method to getting seen on Airbnb.


#10 How to Make Money with Your Blog in 6 Months

There is no excuse not to have a lucrative blog if that is what you want! Learn how to monetize your passion, grow online traffic, and change your blog to something profitable in six months. You can be coveted by your readers and be paid to do what you know and love.

We hope you’ll use these tools, tips, and tricks to go into the New Year with fresh ideas and fervor. You can always rely on Search Decoder to bring you the best in online marketing and SEO topics. May you and your business have a strong 2016!

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