Do you care if your customer is from Detroit or Dubai … Chicago or Copenhagen? Online marketing doesn’t stop at your front door, town boundary or state lines, so why should it stop at national borders? Is your site ready to be found, browsed and shopped by these hot international prospects?

One answer is the same as at home: CONTENT.

And if Google loves your content, the world will love your content and your marketing!

I joined Nataly Kelly of Smartling, a translation software platform, and Thorin McGee of Target Marketing Magazine, to share some of the best practices in international content marketing and global SEO in a Spanning the Globe with Google webinar, which you can learn more about here.

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How to Scale Your Content Marketing & SEO Globally

Check out the training deck we presented below to learn how to enable your website to seize these cross-border opportunities and grow your customer base and ROI, including:

  • What is the global opportunity for marketing online, and how can you tap into it?
  • How can you create, adjust and optimize your content marketing to be appealing in international markets?
  • How do companies make their translation processes easier, faster, and more efficient?
  • How can you make sure Google recognizes your web content in international markets?
  • How to set up your international domain infrastructure that is scalable and best for SEO
  • How to research keywords in local marketing and foreign languages
  • What are the top global SEO tools and platforms

What’s the percentage of international traffic to your website? Let me know in the comments section.
For this website, it’s 52%!  (Slide 21)



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