Blogger’s Block is that unexpected moment when you draw a total blank. Either you can’t think of anything to write or whatever you were thinking about writing just leaves you. There are several ways you can overcome blogger’s block. The one way I would suggest under all circumstances is to just stop what you’re doing and focus on another activity. Second, you need to learn expert strategies to get creative leveraging different types of posts to take your blogging content to the next level.

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Explains Marcie Hill (@Marcie_Hill), author of 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block, creative writer and professional blogger. Marcie is on a mission to teach bloggers and content creators how to produce quality and engaging content – consistently – that will keep their audiences returning. She is currently managing multiple sites, including and

Learn expert blogging tips and tricks from Marcie to overcome your writer’s block, create more engaging content, and get more traffic, to your site, in our series of Insider Q&A with SearchDecoder.


How to avoid blogger’s block?

Diversify content – Rockstar bloggers need to learn how to produce content beyond the most common blog posts. Specifically, they need gain knowledge on how to create and incorporate multimedia tools, animation, news posts and humor to publish more engaging content. All of this will help to enhance their writing and technical skills; make them authorities on their subjects; and keep their audience returning.

Increase creativity – Content can be written on spoken; it can be serious or silly. Also, photos, videos, screencasts, animation and audio will take bloggers’ creativity to a new level. While most bloggers write posts and add an image for greater impact, multimedia tools will make them think visually. This will ultimately add a different level of connectivity and engagement with their audiences.

Get the right tools – Your tech knowledge needs to be expanded with the use of audio, video, screencasts, presentations and photos programs. In addition to learning how to use the programs to create these multimedia gems, bloggers still have to learn the basics of editing.

Learn from other bloggers – Nearly one-third of the blog examples in 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Bloggers Block are about blogging. Therefore, bloggers at all levels can learn about the art of blogging from others in the industry.

Maintain consistent blogging schedule – If bloggers create at least one new post a week, they will have over a year’s worth of content. This requires commitment. Think about how amazing their site would be if they created a different type of blog post from the book each week.

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How to increase your blogging readership?

First, you need to produce quality content that people will appreciate. Quality content is essential but seems to be an issue these days. Several bloggers have stopped accepting guest posts because of poor quality content and spam. In addition, Google’s Matt Cutts recent announcement about the death of guest blogging for SEO illustrates how Google’s algorithm has evolved to reward quality of blogging content over frequency of publishing or backlinks.

Second, you need to heavily promote your posts, online and in-person; join blogger networks such as Triberr; and be sure to build relationships on social media sites. Your e-mail list can also help drive traffic to your blog.

Third, support other bloggers, podcasters and online marketers in their efforts. Honestly, it could be as simple as retweeting their stuff, and when they see your name, they’ll retweet yours.

Lastly, create a content calendar for your blog. In order to keep blogging when you are already busy, you have to develop a consistent posting schedule which includes when you are going to write and when you are going to post. Be very realistic about how much time you have to commit to writing because this will ultimately determine when you can post.


What tools can a blogger use to write more engaging content?

I’m so glad you asked this question; it allows me to get in touch with my nerdy side.

For audio posts, you can record Skype calls or pull audio from Google+ videos. You can also use mobile apps, Audacity, and free conference calling software. Also, you can video record Skype calls and Google+ hangouts. Mobile apps are huge since video is the way to go these days. Don’t forget your handy webcam or camcorder.

WordPress offers several plug-ins that makes it easy to pull images from Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Infographics are growing in popularity, and there are several sites that allow you to make them for free.

You can use presentations and screencasts to educate your readers on topics relevant to them, utilizing social media platforms such as Slideshare. Lastly, bloggers can borrow funny animated GIFs from several sites and make their own animated videos through GoAnimate. It pretty cool and very easy to use.

Here’s the caveat with creating engaging content with these tools. There is a slight learning curve, which will take time. And if you’re really creative, you will get lost in using these tools, which is not a bad thing if time is not an issue.

Also, editing is a big time suck. So, I would advise bloggers to start with smaller projects and grow with the process. Try each tool at least once to determine if they actually like using them, and stick with the ones that give the best return on their investment.

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How to get ideas for new blog posts?

Here are five ways I think you can get new inspiration for blog posts

  • Conversations (yes, some of us still talk to people)
  • Social networking sites and tools
  • Every observations
  • Books, TV and movies
  • People watch – people are interesting and always do some questionable things


What are the most popular blog post topics?

From what I’ve seen over years, some of the most popular block post topics are:

1) How to make money from blogging,

2) How to boost search engine rankings without being penalized by Google, and

3) How to increase website traffic.

The three topics are intertwined so I wrote my book, 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block, to teach others how to create amazing content that will get people to return to your site, which will boost your search engine ranking, both of which are needed in order to make money from blogging.


62 Blog Posts to Overcome Bloggers Block Book


How do you overcome blogger’s block?

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