I’d be dead on the road without my communities or without my tools.*

Solopreneurs wouldn’t dream of attacking the day without resources handy. I know I wouldn’t. From balling in Bali, to chilling in Costa Rica, to filling up my work day in Fiji I need useful resources to operate my online business. I need to be relieved of some duties so that I can recover and recharge, and to attack my blogging tasks with 1) a friend, 2) a tool or 3) a community at my disposal.

* This post is written by a guest contributor, Ryan Biddulph, opinions his own.

Today in Jimbaran, Bali, I skipped over to Kantor Immigrassi. That means “Immigration” in Indonesian. I:

  • rode a motorbike to the taxi stand
  • took a taxi through the hellish chaos that is Bali traffic (by the airport)
  • met with the visa company representative who helped us through the process of fingerprinting and picture taking
  • taxi’ed to Jimbaran and motorbiked back home to the villa

 ryan blogging paradiseCredit: http://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/about-me/

Online resources made this day possible.

I’m talking: people, tools, businesses and other factors which helped all things come together.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a resource as: a place or thing that provides something useful. A possibility of relief or recovery.

Solopreneurs – whether traveling fools like myself or home body types – can’t grow a successful business solo. Your network of resources expands your reach, leverages your presence and grows your online business effectively.

Think of a resource as some person, community or tool, which makes your life easier. Brilliant solopreneurs know how to use online resources to make the greatest impact on the right people to leverage their time.

10 Online Resources for Solopreneurs

Check out these 10 online resources that every solopreneur should use. Keep in mind that based on my take of what a resource is, tools, communities and activities all fall under the umbrella of what I’d label a resource.

1: Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Drop between 100 and 150 clams to buy a self hosted WordPress blog. For between $100 and $150 you can purchase a domain and hosting for the year. Think of your WordPress.org blog as Content Central for your solopreneur activities.


  • articles
  • reviews
  • podcasts
  • interviews
  • eBooks
  • sales pages

….and any other form of relevant, targeted content to your blog to establish your authority. Blogs are trust building tools. A self-hosted WordPress blog is a full-brandable, customizeable resource. If you run a WP blog you’ll stand out like the topless Balinese lady in the neighborhood who prances down the street with blood red teeth (betel nut chewing habit). Yeah, THAT much!


2: Triberr

Triberr is Dino Dogan‘s brilliant creation. I see the network as the ultimate meeting place for thriving and aspiring solopreneurs. Most solopreneur playas run branded, authority blogs. Many of these dynamos are Triberr members.

Notice others to get noticed. Triberr offers you an easy way to share content on twitter. Roll over a button and you’re set. Comment on relevant, authority blogs to grow your solopreneur influencer network. Give to get. Get giving with this A1 resource.




3: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is my favorite tool. I blog from paradise by making impacts in the right spots. I make each impact in minimum time, sharing updates on sites like Twitter and Facebook through this nifty application.

Take this morning; before I journeyed – like Frogger, mind you – to Immigrassi I loaded up a few social media shares through Hootsuite. Schedule your updates days or even weeks ahead of time. Reach multiple time zones and audiences if you want to get on the map as a hungry, aspiring solopreneur.

Hootsuite Pro

4: Hypnotherapy Audio Files

You are getting sleepy…..

I’m a Steve G. Jones nut. Not just because of his smooth as honey voice, either. He’s a clinical hypnotherapist. This means he can help you to reprogram your subconscious mind. Reprogramming your deeper mind, or subconscious, helps solopreneurs to think, feel and act like successes.

steve g jones hyphonterapist

Courtesy of http://stevegjones.com/

Think about it; the successful solorepreneurs talk of thinking positive and acting inspired. Most of you need to ferret out negative, limiting beliefs before thinking and acting inspired. Enter subliminal reprogramming if you are game to get ahead of the pack on the competitive World Wide Web.

This is my preferred self hypnosis audio file. It’s for unlimited wealth. Check it out.

Unlimited Wealth Hypnosis


5: SEO Online Course

Where are you aiming as a solopreneur? Are you a Deadeye Dick? (too much time watching “Justified”) How do you target your market? How do you pick the right keywords, craft your content strategy, pick the right WordPress Plugins or optimization tools?

If you’re lost, it’s time to sign up for an online SEO course. Look no further than SEO Like I’m 5: I Will Teach You SEO on Udemy.

Matthew Capala designed the gem of gems in this simple, easy to follow online course. You’re likely light on SEO if you’re a time strapped entrepreneur. Use this tool to cut down your targeting learning curve. Find qualified, buying prospects.

SEO Like I’m 5: I Will Teach You SEO

i will teach you seo

6: MailChimp

Stop monkeying around with silly list management software!

The money is in the relationships you build with your list, not with pretty templates. MailChimp is my email management tool of choice. Sign up for free until you accumulate 2,000 subscribers – perfect if you are just starting out. Campaign management can be a chore for busy solopreneurs. MailChimp helps you build strong connections with interested subscribers.


7: Airbnb

I’ve lived in:

  • Fiji
  • Bali
  • Costa Rica
  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal
  • India
  • Thailand

…among other places. You might imagine I’m an Airbnb lounge lizard (without the gold chains hanging out of unbuttoned shirt, chest hair included), trawling the network for new apartments and homes.

Solopreneurs tend to be traveling types and freedom lifestyle. Hitting the road regularly means you need accomodations all over the globe. Enter Airbnb. The network works on a pretty neat review system too. Listen to word of mouth marketing to make a confident lodging decision, you solo entrepreneurs you.



8: Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts bring solopreneurs and customers together. Bootstrappers can use this neat tool for free. Build connections with your ideal clients. Form bonds with fellow solopreneurs. Gain the trust of your target market.

This online tool is similar to a lighter weight version of Skype.

Google Plus Hangouts

2 other resources include podcasts to educate and inspire:

9) Smart Passive Income Podcast by Patt Flynn – Learn how to make money online and create diversified, passive income streams

10) Owner’s Mind Podcast by Chris Brogan  – Learn how to make your online business work for you, own your business and your life

 What’s YOUR favorite online resources you couldn’t live without?

Drop a note in the comments below and find me on Twitter!

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