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Mobile content marketing seems to be a buzz phrase bandied about by many marketers these days.  As mobile adoption rates skyrocket marketers need to hop on this growing trend.

What’s involved? Bart De Pelsmaeker (@BartDP) explains mobile content marketing on Readz Blog as the creation of mobile optimized content to attract and engage existing and potential customers.

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Making your content mobile friendly can increase website traffic and pad your pockets. Smartphone users, tablet lovers, and e-book reader junkies are more likely to consume your content via mobile devices than their laptops or traditional desktop computers. Content creators would be wise to cater to this demographic as the trend continues to grow.

Valuable, mobile friendly content can influence mobile buyers to open up their wallets as the technology evolves to enable them to buy with a tap.

Make it easy for mobile users to digest your content by ditching old school PDFs and embracing mobile technology.

A PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a poor marketing tool for mobile marketers. These static, non-responsive file formats offer poor user engagement and no real SEO benefits. PDFs are becoming a relic of the content marketing past.

If you want to learn more about mobile SEO, check out my blog post on MobileMarketer, Everything a Marketer Needs to Know About Mobile Search.

Focus your energies on using the new media strategies below to connect with mobile users.

Engage Users with Multiplatform Web Magazines

Toss out your clunky PDFs and embrace web magazines to appeal to your mobile user base. Content marketing tools like Readz can convert your content into a web magazine, which provide your community with an interactive web experience.

You can capture leads with web magazines the same way you can with the PDFs. Readz plays well with other tools, such as MailChimp, Infusionsoft and Wufoo. Simply place sign up forms strategically throughout web magazines to attract leads and monetize your content on the mobile platform.

These web magazines are intuitive, increasingly popular tools, that offer content marketers mobile experience at the outset. Whether users want to bookmark articles for future reading, move seamlessly back and forth through pages, watch videos or search for text web magazines help readers consume content at a blinding rate of speed.

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Use Responsive Design Platforms

Make your blog mobile friendly by using responsive design at the outset. Ian Cleary notes on Social Media Examiner that the benefits of using responsive design include Google’s backing and having the ability to adjust image sizes to download smaller images on mobile devices. Your content needs to look outstanding on mobile devices to draw in this emerging market of consumers.

In this microwave culture mobile users are more likely to buy from a responsive site versus waiting for more than a few seconds for a website to load.

mobile content marketing formats

Source: Readz

Take the Podcast Route

Podcasting Killed the Radio Star. Busy people need to digest content on the run. Build podcasts for easy mobile consumption in cars, cafes or anywhere. Podcasts seem to be making a massive comeback in this day of mobile popularity. Top podcasters are building huge niche communities around their content, which creates plenty of monetization upside.

Going the Podcast route opens doors for lucrative sponsorships opportunities through which you can make money with your content. Large brands are dying to connect with targeted markets. The two trends that are affecting the growth of this medium are the connected car and digitalization of radio. Jump on the podcasting train for a big growth potential.

Below I included a great infographic with couple useful podcasting statistics from Crazy Egg Analytics.
Is Audio The Next Big Thing In Digital Marketing? Infographic

Optimizing your content for mobile customers is critical in this day and age of iPhones, tablets and other mobile devices. Take a look around. You are likely to see someone surfing the web on their preferred mobile device at restaurants, on the street or pretty much anywhere.

What’s your mobile content strategy?

Note: I have been selected to participate in a paid influencer marketing campaign on Triberr sponsored by Readz to share my ideas about mobile content. The FTC requires bloggers properly disclose when they are getting paid to work with a brand

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