80% of success is showing up‘ Woody Allen famously said about life.

Marketing in 2014 is not much different. You need to show up when consumers search for your product or service on Google; when you are spoken about on social media, or when you received a review or a comment.

Woody Allen Success Quote

Why? Because it works:

  • 80% of consumers search for a product/service before purchasing it
  • 70% read online reviews before making purchase decisions
  • 68% of consumers begin their decision making searching for a keyword
  • Websites that blog regularly receive 55% more traffic and over 80% more leads compared to websites that don’t

Yet, many businesses still miss out on the vast opportunities search engines and social media have to offer. They fail to show up when consumers search for or talk about them. At the focal point of decision making, when the purchase intent is as high as it gets, they leave their money on the table.

Do you show up? Do a quick test and Google a keyword that best describes your product or service. That’s your Zero Moment of Truth.

Today, you are not only behind technology, you are behind the consumer.

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If they can’t find you, you don’t exist.

You don’t talk to them, you are not relevant.

Without awesome content, you are boring.

In a world where 80% of consumers search for a product or service before purchasing it, invisibility is a fate much worse than failure. 

Search engines, blogs and social media are not the future of business, the shift already happened. Have you missed the boat? It’s time to get your act together and figure out that damned Google algorithm!

seo like i'm 5

Are your sales falling despite skyrocketing investments in ads? It’s because only around 0.10% of people click on the banner ads today. So the ad industry counts and charges for ‘impressions,’ a third of which are not even seen by human. 86% skip TV ads. 44% of direct mail never gets open. The list goes on.

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Marketing in 2014 and beyond is not about interrupting consumers when they enjoy content. It is about being that content.

Excuses for not doing marketing like it’s 2014

There are many reasons why you may not be using inbound marketing channels (such as SEO, blogging, social media, and newsletter) to drive leads.

You might have tried, got burned and gave up. I hear it all the time. Trust me, it’s not that inbound marketing is not working for you, it’s the other way around; you haven’t made it work for you.

You might have even got in trouble with Google or Facebook for being irresponsible. Examples include outsourcing your social media to an intern or hiring an SEO company in India that guaranteed to ‘get you on top of Google for 10 keywords’ for couple hundred bucks.

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The landscape has changed a lot. Old tactics are rendered obsolete. You can no longer outsource tweeting, link building or blogging. You can certainly hire a consultant or an agency to help you, but they cannot be you. Your content needs to be native, authentic, and human. You need to be involved.

The time is now

The good news is that the time has never been better for small businesses and bootstrap marketers to reach mass-audience.

New digital tools emerged to make it possible for individuals and businesses to make millions of dollars online without any significant cost to start a business and promote it. The barriers to entry do not exist anymore. Smart marketers can now reach mass-media audience without spending millions of dollars, simply by ranking first on Google or Youtube or being influential on social networks.

urgente photo credit: jimmyharris via photopin cc

And yet…

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It’s time you take action and start doing marketing like it’s 2014, and it starts with…

SEO Like I’m 5

For the past ten years I have evangelized content-centric and data-driven approach to marketing, which puts the user first and algorithm second. From the c-suites of Fortune 500 companies to the classrooms of NYU, I have developed winning strategies for some of the biggest brands and most successful entrepreneurs around the world.

I am extremely happy to announce that I am bringing the hard-won advice on how to make your business more visible online and beat the competition to YOU.

The long-time-coming book, SEO Like I’m 5: The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization, is finally hitting the bookshelves of Amazon in July.

seo like I'm 5

You don’t want to miss it!!! –> Sign up for my mailing list to get it absolutely FREE*.

* minus Amazon fee (est. 30%) and shipping cost, which you will need to cover (sorry I’m a bootstrapper)  

Make no mistake, this is no “SEO for dummies.” Rather, SEO Like I’m 5 is for forward-thinking small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs who struggle to get on the front page of Google.

Most people get anxious when they hear ‘SEO.’ They think it has to do with under-the-hood coding to manipulate Google. The truth is that ranking on Google has more to do with content, social media, blogging and relationship building than writing lines of code.

SEO Like I’m 5 is a proven methodology to train and empower you with easy-to-understand strategies, free tools, secret hacks, and actionable tips to get you ahead of the pack on the Web.

It brings together all aspects under the SEO umbrella and explains how they should work together to create a sustainable, algorithm-change proof success for your Internet marketing efforts.

The cool thing about the book is that it offers more than just text. It comes with screenshots, examples, tools, and other resources you can actually use to build your online business as you go through the chapters.

Moreover, you will find the book quite… entertaining, which makes SEO fun for those who are just starting out.

The book will not be free but…

I’m offering the book FREE* for all the members of my mailing list who sign up for my newsletter until June 30th. No strings attached.

* minus Amazon fee (est. 30%) and shipping cost, which you will need to cover (sorry I’m a bootstrapper)

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    Dan Dewine says:

    Matthew — neat summary that gets to the point so well. Especially the comment “It is about being that content.” A really powerful statement! Thanks.


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