How can I make money with my blog?” is a question I get over and over again.

You may be stuck at your cubicle right now and looking for a way out. Blogging seems to be the doorway to passive income and freedom, but you don’t know where to start.

Or you have been blogging for a while and developed a small audience, but you don’t know how to scale up and make your first dollar online.

“Start blogging and they will come.”

You’ve heard it before, the biggest myth on the Internet. They will not come unless you make them.

Learn how now: Ep 245: How to Make Money With Your Blog in Six Months

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But you didn’t know how. You got overwhelmed after you researched ‘blogging tips’ on Google. SEO is too technical. WordPress is too technical. I am not a designer. I am not on social media. I don’t know any bloggers. I cannot manage multiple different social media networks. I cannot blog every day.

Excuses pile up. There must be a shortcut!

And then you might have come across ads on the Web selling blueprints on how to get rich on the Internet quickly. You didn’t want to go through the grind of writing posts every day, reaching out (what if you get rejected?), and learning SEO; rather, you bought into the ‘get rich quickly on the Internet’ myth. But there is no free lunch.

You might have watched a 60-minute video from a guru who spoke to you just right at the time, pushing your emotional buttons with a well written sales copy. You set up an affiliate marketing landing page and bought Facebook ads, but nothing happened. You gave up.

Yet, you keep hearing on the news abut these pro bloggers and social media influencers, who were just like you when they got started, and today they work from home, travel around the world, and live a happy Internet lifestyle.

And they get the spotlight: media features them, companies hire them as consultants, and brands want to work with them. They attract wealth. But…

Can “I” start making money with my blog in 6 months?

And so you ask yourself…

How did these pro bloggers break through all the clutter on the Web?

How do you transform from a hobby blogger to a pro and monetize your passion?

What tools and strategies do these power bloggers use to get ahead of the pack online?

How to accelerate growth on the Internet and make money blogging?

How to attract free traffic from Google and the attention of interested readers like these blogging dynamos?

How to change your life in 6 months?

To shed some light on how you can develop your 6 month blog monetization and SEO gameplan, I sat with James Altucher (@jaltucher) and Claudia Azula Altucher (@claudiayoga) this week on their Ask Altucher podcast to answer these burning questions and share a couple of tried-and-proven strategies for blogging that gets results.

Blogging like a pro is a real science, you need to engineer your success.

Here is your a quick education on how to start making money blogging in six months:

Ep 245: How to Make Money With Your Blog in Six Months

how to make money blogging ask altucher

Choose Yourself!

I am a big fan of Ask Altucher show, and I read religiously everything James and Claudia have written. They have helped me getting through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and life. I’ve listened to every episode (245!), and every day I seek for another.

Here are a couple links to James and Claudia’s websites, podcasts, and books you should check out.

Choose Yourself Blogs

Choose Yourself Podcasts

James Altucher Show

Ask Altucher Show

The Yoga Podcast

Choose Yourself Books

Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth

Become an Idea Machine

Power of No

Choose Yourself

If you want to get James’ latest book, The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth, exclusively in hardcover, plus several other special reports and a subscription to my brand-new newsletter, which is the equivalent of two additional chapters every month, you can claim your copy here

I hope you’ll share your feedback and questions, or just drop a comment below.

I’m really grateful for the responses I’ve received on my blog. I feel we are quickly building a strong community of people who are deciding to “choose themselves” through blogging and SEO!

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