What is credibility? The quality of being believed or trusted. Credibility is something that you have to earn by providing

Link Building Like I'm 5: Beginner's Pro Guidecontent that’s useful and trustworthy. If you do this, you will naturally acquire backlinks to your site and pages that Google will interpret as ‘votes in your favor.’

On the Internet, establishing credibility is a big problem because businesses and blogs often struggle to acquire high-quality backlinks to their webistes.

Credibility isn’t something you can buy either. Like your own reputation, it’s something that may take you a long time to build up. And like reputation, it’s something that can be destroyed in a moment, if, that is, you succumb to the temptation of trying to ‘fake it.’

In this FREE e-book, ‘Link Building Like I’m 5,” we’ll show you how search engines measure credibility, and how you can build up your own credibility by accumulating natural, editorial links to your content — the ones that search engines like best, and by showing search engines that the people who create you content — your authors — have credibility themselves.

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“Link Building Like I’m 5” is a free excerpt from the 2nd, 2015 edition of the Amazon-bestselling “SEO Like I’m 5: The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization.” You can find the book in Kindle, paperback, or audio format at SEOLike5.com.

Off-site search engine optimization, a.k.a ‘infamous’ link building, gets a bad rap for being difficult. In truth, if you have valuable content and build strong relationships, credible people will want to link to you.

Credibility = High-Quality Links to Your Site

There are tons of tricks, tips, tools, and techniques that you can discover by researching the link building process. Those will be the tactics in your toolbox (as long they are ethical).

However, attracting quality backlinks to your website is no small task. The foundation of building your online credibility lies in your ability to create amazing content and build social connections.

Get “Link Building Like I’m 5” to Learn:

  • How to attract high-quality backlinks to your website
  • How to score top-tier guest blogging gigs
  • How to build a winning link building gameplan
  • How to evaluate backlinks
  • How to build blogger relationships
  • How to prospect high PageRank website
  • How to write effective outreach emails
  • What are the most effective link building tools and tricks

WARNING: Stay away from black hat link building techniques involving the sale, barter, or trade of links. Doing this can utterly destroy your hard-earned credibility. A good rule of thumb to tell if it’s black hat is when link building is sold to you for a couple of hundred bucks, or when the package includes items such as directory submissions, commenting, guest blog posting on low-quality sites, and multiple press releases (sounds familiar?). Those tactics are not sustainable and will eventually get you in trouble with Google.

Link Building Like I'm 5: Beginner's Pro Guide

What Link Building Gurus Say About “Like I’m 5” SEO training System:

I’ve known Matt Capala for years. If you ever have an opportunity to meet him in a professional capacity, you’ll find that Matt has a way of energizing people to believe they can succeed at otherwise complicated marketing activities. With ‘SEO Like I’m 5’ he’s distilled the whirlwind of insights that float around the Web unfettered and made them actionable for everyone. Chock full of tools, best practices and action items that help get the reader started, Matt’s done a great job of taking everything he’s learned throughout his career and giving it to the reader in an easy-to-digest capsule. While SEO has gotten harder than ever, Matt explains it in a way that will help you get in the game with a winning playbook.

Michael King, Founder of iPullRank and Featured Author of ‘Inbound Marketing and SEO: Insights from the Moz Blog,’

There’s something about SEO that makes people say “This is WAY too much information. I’m going to ignore it.” Unfortunately, those people are also missing out on 50% of the web’s traffic. Unlike most SEO books, Matthew’s book doesn’t attempt to cover every aspect of SEO. Just what you need to get started and start to see results. For that reason, this is the first book anyone looking to get into SEO should read. That’s not to say there aren’t any advanced strategies in the book. There are. But the value comes from the work Matthew has put into simplifying this often daunting topic into something a 5-year old (or 50-year old) could understand.

Brain Dean, Founder of Backlinko, Internationally recognized SEO and Link Building Expert

Are you ready to start attracting links to your website like a magnet? Get your free copy of “Link Building Like I’m 5” free today!

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