Money responds to value, both online and offline. If you want to make money online focus on two core activities: creating value and making friends. Your content does the selling and your network amplifies your reach. Here is the tough part; your links and ads become clickable after you have become an expert in your field. Says Internet Entrepreneur and  World Traveler, Ryan Biddulph.

Would you like to become a globe trotter? Making money through your blog and traveling the world is not as difficult as you think. Today we will chat with a guy who lives the happy internet lifestyle, spending months in places like:

  • Baliqueposbannermonkeys_ryan biddulph
  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Penang, Malaysia
  • Costa Rica
  • Peru
  • Kathmandu, Nepal
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Vietnam
  • Laos
  • Cambodia

Today’s guest. Ryan Biddulph (@RyanBiddulph) shared his website monetization tips on my blog a while back, and it was one of the most visited posts on SearchDecoder at the time. He is back again to explain how you can make money blogging and live the happy internet lifestyle in the new episode of Q&A with SearchDecoder. I asked him recently to share his money making tips with us.

Ryan and I met on Triberr, a community platform for bloggers and content creators, and his story blew me away. After being downsized from his job as a security officer in New Jersey, Ryan discovered that you could actually make a living working online. He is presently traveling through Southeast Asia while helping individuals gain financial freedom through blogging. Ryan struggled through financial difficulties – watching his cash dwindle down to 4 cents while being $50,000 in debt, suffering through lawsuits from creditors, and filing for bankruptcy – before eventually prospering online. A path many online entrepreneurs can relate to!




How Can You Make Money Blogging?

Matt, I want to thank you for this awesome opportunity to chat with your audience. Money responds to value, both online and offline. If you want to make money online focus on 2 core activities: creating value and making friends.

Create Value. Create valuable blog posts, videos, newsletters and podcasts to become attractive to money. Give away free, valuable information to gain the trust of your target audience. People trust someone who’s willing to offer valued, helpful, free information persistently.

Target your ideal customer. Use keywords that these individuals would type into Google, or other search engines, throughout your content. Never go overboard, peppering keywords or key phrases a few times into a 600 word posts should do the trick.

Make Friends. Your network grows your net worth. Make friends to grow your network. If I retweeted my latest post 3 times today I might generate decent traffic. If 50 of my friends retweeted my latest post today I will see a flood of traffic.

Be a friend to make friends. Promote other people, comment on their blogs and build strategic partnerships through social networking sites and email. Live the Golden Rule. Treat how you wish to be treated. Help others make money online and online money will flow into your coffers too.


How to Monetize Your Blog?

Focus heavily on your niche to monetize your blog effectively. I’d suggest only promoting products or services which relate specifically to your niche of choice. I run a blog about sharing money making tips to help you live the internet lifestyle. Knowing this I should only monetize around products related to sharing money making tips to live the internet lifestyle.


You could:

  • .Sell eBooks
  • Generate advertising revenue through Google Adsense
  • Generate advertising revenue from some other 3rd party source
  • Offer your services: ghostwriting, SEO, social media coach or blogging consultant are a few ideas
  • Sell affiliate products; partner with established companies, sell goods, make a percentage of the profit
  • Engage in network marketing and advertise through your blog

Monetizing happens after matriculating. Money flows in through your blog after you have studied successful online money makers, taken notes on their strategies, put the strategies into practice and persist like heck in building your reputation.

SearchDecoder: I suggest you study Patt Flynn and his Smart Passive Income blog.

The number 1 factor in monetizing your blog is quality of your content. The number 2 factor is building your friend network to expand your presence and establish trust. Your content does the selling and your network amplifies your reach. Create astounding content and make friends to effectively monetize your blog.F


How long does it take to start making money online?

Typically it takes 6 months to a year to start making money online if you follow a proven system based on creating and targeting content and making connections. I did not make money online regularly for some 3 years after starting my journey.

I did some solid creating but I ignored the networking aspect of prospering online. I also opened only one income channel during my first few years online. Both mistakes retarded my online growth.

Create. Connect. I struggled for years but the delay in prospering was not necessary. Learn from my lesson. Dive in from Day 1 using a proven system of publishing content and making friends in your niche to cut down your learning curve.


How to promote your blog bootstrapping?

I know all about this Matt. I spent only on domain and hosting, using all free marketing methods to promote my blog.

My favorite strategies:KathNepal

  • Facebook Groups
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus Communities
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Blogging Tribes

Groups on networks like Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn provide you with targeted folks who are likely to be interested in your blog. Actively participate on these groups by sharing content, commenting on posts and Liking content to build bonds.

Ditto on tribes. Sites like Triberr, and offer you supportive communities through which you can boost your blog traffic and make money online. The more you give the more you get.

How to manage your online business from across the globe?

NinhBinS (1)The biggest challenge for managing my online business from places like Bali, Costa Rica, Phuket and Malaysia has been working normal hours even if I’m 12 hours ahead of my East Coast buddies.

I tried staying up until 2 AM to be accessible on a live basis to my USA friends but burned out quickly following this approach. I also tried waking uber early to answer calls, or emails, or social requests, and flamed out with this strategy too.

Work will be waiting for you whether you are running online businesses in New Jersey, Bali, or Peru, I learned. Do your best to respond to any requests within 1-2 business days to manage your business effectively while trotting the globe.

How to live a happy Internet lifestyle

I am a happy guy. Mr. Smiles. But I wasn’t always so happy. What turned my frown upside down? I spent hours of my day at times working on my mind.

Happiness, health, wealth and a freeing internet lifestyle await someone who feels happy, healthy and wealth within. Going within means spending 30 minutes daily or more doing things like:

  • Building a gratitude list
  • MeditatingMaeRimS
  • Visualizing
  • Affirming
  • Reading self help books

SearchDecoder: I agree 100% and recommend following the Simple Daily Practice via James Altucher

I also learned that working 15 hour days indoors while living in paradise is NOT living the internet lifestyle. The lifestyle bit means petting tigers (check out my blog), feeding monkeys on my front porch or swimming beside sail boats in the Andaman Sea.

Making money online is one small aspect of living the happy internet lifestyle. Whether you live in your home country or travel the world, having the means and being free enough to work when you want to work and set your own schedule will make you a happy camper.

Matt, thanks so much for interviewing me!

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  1. Craig Murphy
    Craig Murphy says:

    A very interesting interview, I’ve always thought that one of the biggest problems you could face working abroad, or on-the-go is poor/unstable internet connections, the time zone difference is always a problem and it’s something I think everyone who works online encounters regularly

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    work from home join FREE NOW!!! says:

    Hey Buddy great post, You highlight several good points that I for one have found very insightful my friend, And I think many others can take-in and use the information you have wrote here to help in thier own endevors, i will definately be back to check for updates, thanks again for the info!


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