Have you ever dreamed of a series of ‘wow’ information products that generate significant passive income online? Would you like to turn your skills and knowledge into additional revenue for yourself?

In the latest episode of Sumo Hacks’ Life Hacking Podcast, Matt invited Christopher Payne, who generated $4 million dollars with his most successful information product promotion and is now advising coaches on how to turn knowledge into passive income, to walk you through the blueprint to build a successful info product business.

Chris knows how to spot an info product winner, some of his own successes include:

  • Generating gross revenue of $3 million for his first info product
  • Setting up a mail order business called LifeTools which became the 2nd largest supplier of personal growth products in the UK with 50K customers and 250K prospects
  • Mailing nearly a million sales letters a year at its peak

Chris has answers for you. He will walk you through the foundation principles and lessons he has learned through years of experience. You can learn more about Chris on his website: christopherjohnpayne.com

chris payne

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to learn:
    • Tips to get off the ground with your first info product
    • Steps in developing your information business strategy
    • Pitfalls to avoid on your way to build a passive income machine
    • Finding an accountability partner to get stuff done
    • Getting buyers to your info product
    • Grasping the concept of social proof
    • Best practices in info product marketing
    • Free resources to download

Chris has put together free gifts for our community to get you started on your info product journey;

BONUS: Get 4 Free Infoproduct Guides from Chris (2 normally cost money)

Sign up here to get access to 4 products, 2 of which normally cost money to obtain – so you’re getting them for free as my gift to you….
  • Knowledge Jackpot: ebook and mp3
  • Toothbrush Principle: ebook and mp3
  • Staar Gazer: 44-minute video course + 2 extra videos + pdf
  • Inner Genius Skeleton Key: 25-minute video course
  • christopher payne

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