The internet and social media tools are the great equalizer, giving networkers access to millions of people. Networking and communication has been democratized. Being helpful, displaying your expertise, and being authentic are great ways to network, and blogging can help you do all three! Says Mike Fishbein, the author of “How to Build an Awesome Professional Network” and a startup founder in New York.

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Mike Fishbein (@mfishbein) blogs about startups, entrepreneurship and networking on his blog. You can find his tactical guide on Customer Development for Entrepreneurson

Last week I sat with Mike to pick his brain about online networking.

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How to Accelerate your Networking Leveraging Blogging and Social Media Tools

Are you using the power of blogging and social media tools to take your professional and social networking to the next level? Read the networking insights  to get ahead of the pack in business, career, and life.

How did the Internet and social media change the networking game?

The internet is the great equalizer. Anyone with something that people want can and will be found. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter give networkers access to millions of people. Networking and communication has been democratized.

How to create opportunities for yourself through blogging?

Blogging greatly increase your opportunity to be found by your target audience. If and when your target audience finds you, they can get to know you based on the personality of your writing, see that you are an expert in your field, and benefit from your advice. Being helpful, displaying your expertise, and being authentic are great ways to network, and blogging can help you do all three!

Blogging can also lead to being invited to speak at events, attend events, be interviewed, and more. You can also interview influencers and entrepreneurs on your blog which could enable you to meet some great people.

What are the best practices of using social media to expand your network?

Similar to in-person networking, be helpful and be fun to be around. Different social media networks have different standards. For example Twitter is more casual and friendly then, say, LinkedIn, which is more professional and formal. Engage with people in conversation according to the standards of the network. Be helpful by sharing your knowledge and promoting other people’s work.



How to make online networking fun? (i.e. not a chore)

Talk about stuff you’re passionate about and with people you enjoy. Ultimately, business networking is really just about meeting and getting to know people in a professional setting. Engage with your professional contacts similar to the way you would engage with your friends…talk about your shared interests, be helpful, and be fun to chat with. If you enjoy what you do and the people you are networking with, networking can actually be a lot of fun.

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 How to leverage Twitter to meet rich and famous?

In many industries, “top players” are getting increasingly active on Twitter. Twitter is a public forum. When someone posts on Twitter, they are doing so to be heard and to engage with their followers. That’s an open invitation to engage with them! I can’t think of an easier way to be able to start a conversation with someone. Here are a few tactics you could use:

  • Reply to their tweets with value added commentary and questions.
  • Tweet their blog posts and add your unique commentary.
  • “Mention” them when you share a new blog posts, or write a personalized tweet saying “
  • @[your idol] I read your blog post about [topic x] and thought you might be interested in my latest on [topic y] [link].”

These tactic will enable the rich and famous to see you, get to know you, and eventually learn that you are someone that they want to meet.

If you are looking to meet celebrities on Twitter read this post on Medium: How to Meet the Rich, Famous, and Powerful While Sitting on the Toilet

Watch this video to learn 10 business networking tips by Mike Fishbein.

Are there any blogging or social media strategies that worked well for you to expend your network? Let me know in the comments section.  

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