Having an up-to-date digital marketing strategy is indispensable. And, while it’s important to consider other every platform crafting your content and SEO strategy, marketers will be wise to focus their time and efforts on Google, before venturing out on Snapchat or the next shiny object.

Consider the following three Google facts:

  • There are over 2.3 million searches conducted each minute on Google
  • 89% of decision making begins with online search
  • One in six people on the planet use Google, which controls 83% of global search market share

Born at the genesis of the Internet revolution, Google has become the ultimate paragon for consumer research. Today, the term “Google it” is colloquially defined as “conducting a web search”. Google has changed marketing forever, and is still redefining the boundaries.

Here are few Google facts that will make or break your SEO.

Source: Alphametic

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