Gary VaynerchukI just finished reading “Crush It!” by Gary Vaynerchuk and wanted to quote his take on the evolution of the Internet, it really hits the nail on its head. From Gary and my POV below:

“Today’s entrepreneurs are building on top of a foundation that has changed our society forever, something that goes much deeper than Twitter, [Google] or YouTube. The greatest paradox surrounding the the Internet is that as much as it allows us to isolate and limit ourselves only to what we believe is immediately relevant to our specific needs, so does it allow us to connect at unprecedented levels and extend ourselves beyond our farthest horizons. People still underestimate the reach of this thing. The Internet is only fourteen years old or so – it’s so young that it hasn’t even had sex – yet it has already crushed many of the biggest communication platforms known to humankind, and it is not done. The Internet is as powerful as oxygen, but we have not seen it’s true capabilities. It’s got a long way to go, and it’s going to morph and change and reveal all kinds of suprises. You’ve got to be prepared to evolve and adapt along with it.”

I couldn’t agree more, the Internet is a beast and it’s only a baby. What form will it take when it becomes a teenager.. or adult, with all the data and AI?  Radio, Newspapers, and Music industry failed to adapt and many established brands are either on life support or out of business. Yet, the CEOs who don’t even know how to use an email are still out there, caring primarily about the stock price today and tomorrow. Honestly, I will not cry over the brands that will go out of business over the next decade because they had ample time to adapt and restructure their business models. The business needs a new bread of visionary leaders who get it to survive and adapt. It is inevitable, Cable and Satellite are next to get rocked….. and soon!



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