You are only 1 step away from having access to all kinds of FREE SEO goodies, including:

– the top ranked SEO training program, which includes materials taught at advanced $1K+ workshops and bootcamps all over  the world

– training modules have been well referenced in global media outlets, including The Huffington Post, and is currently being used as course material at NYU and Baruch College

– training materials featured in Amazon 5-star book “SEO Like I’m 5.”

field-tested SEO strategies to attract traffic, get leads, and make passive income 

niche social media and community platforms for effective outreach and link building

– many high-quality, free SEO tools and growth hacks

View the SEO training deck below:

Make no mistake; this is no ‘SEO for dummies.’ 

Rather, SEO Like I’m 5 is the ultimate beginner’s training system for forward-thinking businesses and entrepreneurs that will get you found on Google, social media, and blogs.

You will also learn how to attract followers and leads like a magnet by building a vibrant community around your content, which both users and search engines will love, and leveraging untapped, high-growth platforms and social networks.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph says:

    So happy to tweet this Matt.

    Having read SEO Like I’m 5, it’s a flat out winner.

    Like you said it ain’t SEO for Dummies. It’s for successful folks and aspiring successes who want a soup to nutz manual for learning how to target their audience.

    Super readable, super helpful, as are all of your free and paid offerings.

    Thanks Matt.

    Tweeting this through the Blogging from Paradise tribe on Triberr.

    Have a great weekend.


    • Matthew Capala
      Matthew Capala says:

      Thanks Ryan – glad you mentioned Triberr – it’s on the top of the list of tools I recommend in my workshops to get a blog of the ground and in consulting for entrepreneurs – yet not many take the time to build real relationships on the platform – like you and I did – businesses jump on Triberr to get their content shared, but they don’t offer value to others – you get what you put in, like an ATM machine – thanks for comment man


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