At times evangelizing social media to businesses can be daunting.

Despite inherent benefits, social networks, such as Twitter, Google+, Quora or SlideShare, are often a hard sell to the csuite.

Being successful those platforms requires a unique approach – you need to be native and act like a user. Goals need to be long-term. Resources need to be allocated. Strategy is needed. The list goes on.

However, everyone in business is pretty much unanimous that LinkedIn is a great marketing tool.

LinkedIn is the one tool in your social media toolbox everyone needs to be on. But ‘being’ on LinkedIn is not enough to get discovered. You need to tap into LinkedIn’s hidden treasures to unlock your growth.

I get friendly nods from business owners when I speak about Linkedin. And yet, many don’t leverage the power of social media, community and content publishing tools LinkedIn has to offer. So, I wrote an ebook with the Newsdesk team at Didit to put out a comprehensive, plain-English, step-by-step guide to marketing on LinkedIn.

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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing on LinkedIn

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Each minute of the day, 120 new professionals sign up for the LinkedIn service. Executives of 89 of the Fortune 100 companies are on LinkedIn, and more than 3 million companies have LinkedIn pages.

Chances are that you already have a LinkedIn profile. But are you really unlocking its full potential? That’s where our new e-book can help you. You’ll learn how to optimize your Profile Page for maximum influence. You’ll also learn how to use the power of recommendations and stellar credentials to establish yourself as a “person of content.”

Learn 10 Strategies How to Attract LinkedIn Users Like a Magnet <– Download Free E-Book

Our new e-book —  The Ultimate Guide to Marketing on LinkedIn – provides a step-by-step to mastering — and maximizing — the business and personal potential of LinkedIn.

the ultimate guide to Linkedin Marketing

On of the cool thing about this e-book is that it was a collaborative effort – I had tons of fun working with Ana Rynes, Social Media Director at Didit (formerly Inceptor) and – not other than Steve Baldwin, Editor at Didit, who is also the author of iconic Internet classic, Net Slaves: True Tales from Working the Web. And then big shoutout to Maggie and Aaron for their help with the book.

In this book you’ll learn how to:

  • Establish stellar credentials on LinkedIn
  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to maximum advantage
  • Use the power of recommendations to extend your influence
  • Build a vibrant LinkedIn community to showcase your expertise

Download it here for free.

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