Below is a list of free keyword research tools I have been using this year. Let me know if I missed anything worthwhile.

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6 Free Keyword Research Tools

Ad Preview Tool

Google’s tool that allows you to preview unbiased organic rankings and paid search ads per any given keyword and geography. Use for checking keyword rankings. When you search on you will see search results personalized to you so you need to use this tool to figure out how the first page on Google really looks like for the user.

Ad Preview Keyword Research Tool

Google’s Keyword Tool

Allows you to identify keywords to target based on actual search volume to make sure you are including the keywords your customers are actually searching for in your SEO strategy. In addition, this tool will help you discover additional keywords related to your original word or phrase. Use for keyword research, discovery, and content creation ideas. 

Google Keyword Tool

Google Trends

Formerly Insights for Search. Shows you what is trending online and what people are searching for. Use for identifying trending keywords and to validate your keyword strategy. For example, you may be better of targeting low-volume, less-competitive keyword that is trending hot and is a long-term investment. 

Google Trends Tool


Get keyword ideas with Übersuggest, the free keyword suggestion tool that makes good use of Google Suggest and other suggest services. You can choose a language and Übersuggest can get suggestions either from regular Web search or from search verticals like Shopping, News or Video. It is a great tool for vertical and multilingual keyword research. 

Ubbersuggest keyword tool


Provides you with insights on how competing sites are performing in search.  SEM Rush has a great dashboard functionality and combines couple different data sources in one place. Use to check how competitors are ranking on keywords.

Use to check how competitors are ranking on keywords.

SEO Chat – Suggestion Keyword Finder

This tool provide you a list of  related keywords to a word or phrase.  You can use this information to discover new keyword opportunities your competitors may be ignoring to include in your SEO Strategies.

SEO Chat Suggestion Keyword Tool

For a comprehensive list of inbound marketing tools, visit our SEO Toolbox.



11 replies
  1. Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph says:

    All good looking tools to me Matthew 😉 I sway toward Google’s tool but use SEMRush for sites to check out their stats. All in all, a super roundup here.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Matthew Capala
      Matthew Capala says:

      Thanks Ryan – I do the same – tons of value in Google’s tools – but for bigger, complex SEO campaigns I look into the other tools to allow to expand and scale the keyword pool

  2. Tom
    Tom says:

    Hey there, I thought I’d share two more keyword tools I’ve been using. Soolve ( and KeywordSuggest ( They’re basically using suggestions from search engines, but I’ve found them quite useful in certain cases, coupled with Google’s Keyword Planner and Google Trends. KeywordSuggest one also has this interesting feature with Google: you can use the * character before the keyword, like this: * reviews or l* reviews. Really spits the niches out.


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