Productivity hacks are my favorite! What makes the ‘hack’ come full circle though would be staying out of the ‘minors’ such as  doing short term pleasurable things versus long term fulfilling things. The more we focus on the ‘majors’ of life, the less time we waste and the more time we spend seeing true lasting results. Says Jairek Robbins (@JairekRobbins), author of LIVE IT, Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Performance Coach, in his recent Q&A with SearchDecoder.

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From teaching in Uganda to consulting Fortune 500 business on achieving higher performance, Jairek’s story is inspiring on many levels. As an innovator, Jairek is applying his own philosophy and living a life of adventure, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. Whether it’s cage diving with great white sharks, hanging with silverbacks in Rwanda, white water rafting down the Nile, working as a volunteer in underdeveloped regions, or building a powerful enterprise that’s built for results, Jairek does more than talk about it, he stretches the boundaries of traditional thinking and makes it happen.


Professionally, Jairek Robbins is a man on a mission focused on developing creative solutions for accelerating results, while living your dream life.

“My goal is to assist people in the process of rapidly achieving their goals so they are able to live the life of their dreams. My hope is that they will eventually pay-it-forward and help those that they care about the most do the same” – Jairek Robbins

Jairek’s last name should ring a bell, he is the son of America’s all-time-favorite motivational speaker and author, Tony Robbins. Jairek recently delivered a memomrable TEDx talk on in NYC titled “A Simple Formula To Inspire the World To Live Their Dreams,” which you should definatly check out. Lastly, he just published a book, “Live it! Achieve Success by Living with Purpose,” which is on my to-read list in November.

On, Jairek focused on practical tips for entrepreneurs to achieve long-lasting success, many of whom burn out before they are able to achieve their goals. Don’t miss it!

Entrepreneurs often see running their businesses as a painful grind. You talk about living your dream. Why the disconnect?

If an entrepreneur sees their business as a painful grind and their not passionate about what they are doing, they’re in the wrong business.

As Steve Jobs once said, “If you look at the ones that ended up being successful in the eyes of society, often times its the ones who love what they do, so they could persevere when it got really tough. And the ones that didn’t love it, quit. Because they’re sane, right? Who would put up with this stuff if you don’t love it?”

So if you don’t see what you are doing as living your dream or following your passion, and are not in love with even the hard work, then save yourself time and sanity and get out. Find something that makes you feel like you’re living your dream, your mission, and your purpose.

If anyone ever leads you to believe that building your legacy, empire, or brand would be a cake walk the entire time, they lied. The honest truth is even when times got tough, there was nothing else in the world they would rather be doing, so it wasn’t ‘a grind’ it was their mission and purpose in life. My recommendation on changing your mindset on what ‘the grind’ is would be to read the chapter titled “Falling in Love With Hard Work” from my new book “LIVE IT! Achieving Success While Living With Purpose“.

live it jairek robbins

Learn it, Live it, Give it! How can entrepreneurs apply your 3-step philosophy to accelerate growth in business and life?

For entrepreneurs to see accelerated growth and true fulfillment we believe it take three steps:

  • Go out and take what it learns to be successful (LEARN IT!).
  • Then fully apply this to your life and business (LIVE IT!).
  • Finally, pay it forward by teaching, mentoring, or sharing what helped you achieve results (GIVE IT!).

So often people forget the second step and skip from learning it to sharing it, without ever having applied it fully to their lives and business, thus completely missing out on the benefits of said lessons. LIVE IT!

Which book has influenced you the most when you worked on developing your business?

There are a few books that really helped along the journey of creating my business.

1. The 4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferris

2. CRUSH IT – Gary Vaynerchuk

3. Business Mastery – Tony Robbins (its an event)

4. The Ultimate Blueprint for an Insanely Successful Business – Keith Cunningham

You talk about setting yourself apart from the pack, what are the practical tools you recommend to achieve rapid results?

Truly every lesson I share in “LIVE IT!” are exactly the lessons I have used successfully in my own life and business and have helped my coaching clients apply to achieve tremendous results, overcome mental or financial barriers, and feel incredibly free, fulfilled and energized throughout the entire journey! The beautiful part, is know people are able to have access to these lessons and are already starting to see great results after reading the book. We are proud to be able to have such a great resource and tool that is widely accessible for people all around the globe!

To name a few of these tools:

Falling in LOVE with hard work — most people know how to work hard but they avoid anything they don’t “like to do” like the plague. There are going to be moments in growing a business that you have to jump in and get dirty doing the “non fun” stuff and if you don’t learn how to fall in love with it, your screwed.

Finding the True Authentic YOU — TONS of people are chasing dreams and building companies to try and get love, approval or acceptance from someone in their life vs just doing it because they love it. This is a KEY to really enjoying the process, is that it has to be on your own terms.

Focusing on the “Majors” in life— this is the key to true lasting success. If you get so caught up trying to run your business that you forget about the most important major points of your life (Health, Emotional Intelligence, Family, Intimate Relationships…etc.) you land up achieving a ton in your business but missing out on the true wealth that life has to offer.


You are a very busy guy, can you share any productivity hacks to optimize your own time and performance with our audience?

Productivity hacks are my favorite! For starters, a having a crystal clear vision is key in eliminating time and energy wasting tasks/projects, and minimizing distractions. I often talk about the staying in the ‘majors’ in life such as maximizing time and doing really fulfilling events and activities in the areas of family, intimate relationships, professional life, spirituality, health, and emotional intelligence. What makes the ‘hack’ come full circle would be staying out of the ‘minors’ such as  doing short term pleasurable things versus long term fulfilling things like playing videos games, watching reality tv, gambling, drinking, etc. The more we focus on the majors of life, the less time we waste and the more time we spend seeing true lasting results.

What are the projects you are currently working on?

The projects we are currently working on include spreading the message of “LIVE IT!” around the world through speaking events and our weekly online book club! We are seeing people from anywhere from the US/Canada, Argentina, Dubai, Australia and the UK reading and loving the book! We couldn’t be more grateful and excited for the love and support! We also embark on our yearly Rapid Results Retreat which takes place this year in ThailandDecember 3-13th. Finally, my wife and I will start diving deep into sharing insights and coaching people on love and relationships. This is a topic we are both passionate about and look forward to actually writing a book on hopefully over the next year or so! So stay tuned!

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