I don’t really listen to my online interviews or webinars anymore. Sure, it’s great to improve your public speaking game. Catch mistakes to avoid in the future. The list goes on. I blame it on ‘no time’ or ‘too busy,’ but in reality I am quite anxious to hear myself speak on a podcast or webinar. Aren’t we all? And I podcast, host webinars, and speak publicly quite often these days.

How many ‘ummms’ did I dropped? Did my Polish accent come across harsh? Omg, did I embarrassed myself again!?!

However, recently I sat down with Mike Fishbein, founder of Startup Collage, at WeWork offices in NYC to get interviewed for his new podcast, Building in Public, which is available on iTunes. Mike is a fellow authoprenuer, and author of a couple of Amazon books, including his latest title, Where Startup Ideas Come From: A Playbook for Generating Business Ideas, which is on my to-read list for November. So, I listened to the whole recording from start to finish, and I really enjoyed it. I hope you will check it out – you can find the podcast on Mike’s blog, which also includes the full transcript of our conversation.

I love working with Mike because we are totally like-minded when it comes to business and marketing, and I think this energy came across in the podcast. Mike really practices what he preaches, and is a bad-ass growth hacker to follow on Twitter.

Building in Public, is a series covering starting a business from scratch. This podcast gives a behind the scenes look at generating business ideas, applying Lean Startup and customer development to developing a product, growth hacking and startup marketing, and life as an entrepreneur.

Building in Public: SEO Like I’m 5 and Content Marketing with Matthew Capala & Mike Fishbein

builidng in public

Check out the podcast to hear us talk about:

  • How to Drive Traffic to a Website
  • How to Reach New Audiences Through Content Distribution Platforms 
  • How to Make Your Content More Memorable
  • How to Blog Effectively and Where to Blog
  • Which Emerging Social Content Platforms you Should have in Your Marketing Toolbox
  • How to Promote a Book on Amazon, and Why Amazon is the Next Gold Rush of the Web
  • Self-Publishing vs. Publishing: What are the Pros and Cons
  • How to Achieve Smart, Creative, AND Sustainable Growth
  • How to to Get your Audience Laugh and Learn through Infotainment
  • How to Perform Effective Keyword Research
  • How to Dominate an Internet Niche

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Just drop a note in comments.

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