The days of building keyword-optimized landing pages with downloadable PDFs, powered by PayPal check out and video testimonials from friends are long over. Sure, long-standing brands and websites with decent traffic can still covert using past technologies. But it is a limiting approach because Google — and consumers — have evolved.

content monetization engines

In the training deck below, which I recently presented as a webinar with SEM rush, I shared largely untapped content monetization engines and niches that represent gold-rush opportunities for creative content marketers who use keyword research and analytical insights to win big!

The Ultimate Guide Content Monetization with Info Products

You will learn what info products are, what makes them the content vehicle of choice in 2015 and how to:

    • Differentiate your content using the “infotainment” product design strategy
    • Design a winning info product go-to-market plan to use the “spider method”
    • Leverage high-growth content monetization platforms, such as Amazon Kindle, CreateSpace, Audible, Udemy, Skillskare, Fedora and more
    • Build a long-lasting info product brand and extend its lifecycle by repurposing content into various formats, including Kindle, audio and paperback books or online courses.
    • Scale the distribution of your info product to reach fragmented audiences on the Web
    • Leverage your existing platform, including website, blog traffic and social media community to launch your info product
    • Build an info product funnel that fits into your overall marketing mix

View the deck below to learn best practices in content monetization and info product marketing…like it’s 2015.

How do you monetize your content?
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