In simple terms, authorship is how Google knows that an individual human published a blog post or an article. Connecting your Google+ profile with the work you publish online will help you increase your online influence, visibility and boost your SEO. Here is a bullet-proof guide on how to set it up in 10 easy steps.

Why is it important to build and connect your author profile if you are blogging (or guest blogging)?

Google+ Authorship Helps SEO

Google rewards verified online profiles and ranks better those bloggers who set up their authorship in Google+. If you are using multiple authors as guest bloggers, you need to set up G+ authorship for each user, who will in turn pass their online influence onto your blog.

eric shmidt google+ authorship

Google+ Authorship Helps your Online Visibility

Google organic search links with confirmed author profile (indicated by the image along with the number of Google+ circles) receive about 30% higher click-through-rates.

Matthew Capala Google+ Authorship

How to Connect Google+ Authorship to Your Blog Posts in 10 Easy Steps

To link your blog posts to Google Authorship you must first log in (or create) a Google Plus profile. If you blog on your own blog, your authorship page will look like this. If you guest post on other blogs, it will look like this. If you publish on blogging platforms, such as Medium, you author profile will look like this.

#1 Go to the “Account” page of your G+ profile;

Matthew Capala Google+

#2 Click on “Edit Profile” link;

Google+ settings

#3 Find the section called “Links” and click “Edit“;

how to add links to google+ profile

#4 In the section called “Links” there are 3 options. “Other profiles,” “Contributor to,” and “Links”;

#5 Click “Add custom link” in the “Contributor to” section & name it with the blog name you are writing for in the “Label” field;

#6 Add the URL of your author profile to the URL field (example:;

How to link authorship links Google+

#7 Click Save;

#8 Locate the User settings in your blogging platform (here is an example of how to locate it in WordPress) and click Save;

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 2.15.55 PM

#9 Click “Edit” under your User profile and find Google+ filed where you need to enter your Google+ URL, which should look like this:

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 2.25.52 PM

If you are using a third-party blogging platform, you need to identify your user settings and perform this step. If you are guest posting, contact the blog owner/webmaster to connect your G+ profile (you still need to perform the first 8 steps).

#10 Go to Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and test it to make sure your authorship is connected properly.

Structured Data Testing Tool


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    • Matthew Capala
      Matthew Capala says:

      Jenny I believe I have the latest version, but you should see the ‘user’ tab if you are blog administrator. Then when you click ‘edit’ under the user there should be the field for G+ and other social media assets to connect. What are you seeing when you are trying to edit user?


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