Do you want to skyrocket your blog traffic, monetize your content, and increase your influence? Hang out on Triberr. Dino Dogan’s and Dan Cristo’s brainchild is a meeting spot for amateur and pro bloggers alike. This blogger network introduces you to influencers from various niches, along with community tools to accelerate growth of your audience and readership.

Writes Ryan Biddulph of and author of “Solopreneur Ronin.” Opinions his own.


Don’t waste your time trying to learn how Triberr works on your own. Learn from the power players who have gained influence on the platform. Triberr bloggers with clout can teach you how to “tribe it up” intelligently.

I’ve been an active Triberr user for years and I have to say: these are a handful of the top users on the network I follow, and so I wanted to summarize my community growth lessons I learned from each of these Triberr power players to bump my own influence on Triberr. 

Follow Triberr users who post on influential blogs

Amy VernonAmy Vernon. Amy asked me recently via a mastermind group note if I wished to contribute to her post on about vacation tips for entrepreneurs. She actively uses various channels to connect with bloggers and entrepreneurs. 

She’s a power broker on Triberr because she contributes to a world famous blog. is about as good as it gets in all things entrepreneur. But that’s not the only reason you should follow Amy.

Tip I Learned from Amy: Follow Triberr users who post on influential blogs. Connect with tribemates through email and other mediums to build bonds, which will create various opportunities to extend your reach and influence. 

Amy’s Blog: Amy Vernon

Use your blog to feature top tribemates

Brent Carnduff. Brent recently nominated my blog Blogging from Paradise as a Top 50 Triberr blog for 2015. I was honored to be considered, and impressed with Brent’s content strategies. Brent cardnuff

Brent features other top tribemates to pay it forward, which is a great way to build relationships and grow your community and build relationships.

Tip I Learned from Brent: Use your blog to feature tribe mates. Highlight these folks as “people to follow” on the network. You reap what you once sowed.

Brent’s Blog: Brent Carnduff


Respond to comments on Triberr to boost engagement

Adam connellAdam Connell. Adam is the King of Triberr comments.

I’ve yet to see another Triberr user whose Triberr posts generate so much engagement.

He’s one of the few folks on Triberr who is REALLY all over the place. He can be spotted freely engaging on the network, responding to comments. He also carries on chats through email and social media sites.

Commenting is an effective tool to grow any community, and Triberr users who engage in commenting being authentic and thoughtful, win BIG! Here is a list of 10 commenting power players on the Web you should check out.

I’ve become friends with Adam because he’s a generous, thoughtful tribe mate. Like Amy, he uses email to make more powerful connections with fellow Triberr users.


Tip I Learned from Adam: Respond to comments on Triberr to boost engagement and to expand your presence on the network.

Adam’s Blog: Blogging Wizard

Connect with pro bloggers with large following

Meghan Biro. Meghan is a serious power broker on Triberr in part because of her Forbes clout and monstrously large twitter following. She’s a frequent contributor on Forbes and she’s also a generous tribemate.Megan biro

She uses her influence to promote other Triberr users, building massive good karma in various Triberr communities. 

Even though I blog about blogging from paradise and Megan specializes in all thing HR tech and branding she’s freely tweeted many of my blog posts to her large network of influences, and I was happy to reciprocate. 

Tip I Learned from Meghan: Connect with power broker bloggers. It sure doesn’t hurt if they have large, responsive followings on social media sites linked to Triberr.


Megan’s Blog: Talent Culture 

Follow the pack leader

Dino dogan triberr ceoDino Dogan. Dino runs the show. I’d be a fool not to mention him.

Yeah he’s a fellow New Jersey guy too but he’s a brilliant branding mind.

One look at Triberr and Dino’s personal blog proves this.

He also looks out for other influential Triberr users, so it’s wise to for any Triberr user to follow Dino and engage with him frequently.

Tip I Learned from Dino: Follow the Big Dawg of Triberr. ‘Nuff said.

Dino’s Blog: Dino Dogan

Optimize your Triberr content feed

Mike AlltonMike is Mr. Social Media on Triberr.Mike alton

He’s a must follow guy for community growth Triberr tips because he engages and shares top shelf content, which gets high click through rates.

Mike stresses using website specific images on different networks. He walks his talk in that regard because his Triberr post images are perfectly tailored.

Check out this image Mike created on his blog recently. See what I mean by eye-catching?


Tip I Learned from Mike: Doing just a little bit of image creating leg work will increase your twitter shares on Triberr significantly.

Mike’s Blog: The Social Media Hat

Be generous to other Triberr users

N.N. Light. N.N. Doesn’t use her name.

NN lightShe’s a pen name gal. She doesn’t use a smiling head shot for her avatar either.

Yet she’s one of the more powerful Tiberr users out there!

All because she supports her audience.

She generates immense Triberr karma by sharing hundreds of posts weekly and by supporting her tribe mates. She comments on Triberr posts. She engages freely on twitter too.

This is the #1 tip for becoming a Triberr power player: support other Triberr users!

Tip I Learned from NN: Be generous and be positive!

N.N.’s Blog: Princess of the Light

Boost your Tribe invites

Claudia TavaniClaudia is an up and comer Triberr player, but her influence is growing fast.Claudia Tavani

Follow her because she engages as much as anybody on the network. .

I see her comments and social shares all over Triberr, which allowed Claudia to join new tribes, connect with more bloggers, and grow her community exponentially. Smart.

Engaging aggressively yields a few chief benefits: you’ll get more traffic and you’ll gain invites into more tribes.

Tip I Learned from Claudia: Comment extensively engaging Tribe chiefs to boost your tribe invites.

Claudia’s Blog: My Adventures Across the World

Connect multiple blogs and social profiles

Matthew Capala. Matt is one of the key players on Triberr because he uses SEO tactics to get more visibility and reach.matthew capala headshot

Matt uses various Triberr features to connect more than one RSS blog and Twitter accounts to feature more targeted content in a wider range of niche tribes.

In addition to established influence in top SEO, blogging, social, and marketing tribes with his blog, Matt was able to growth his community by expanding into new content areas. For example, he is a member of many productivity and travel tribes because he launched a new Sumo Hacks blog, which offers targeted, high-quality life hacking content.

matthew capala triberr

Matt is also a serial relationship builder, and has invited many of his fellow tribemates to write and contribute to his popular blogs (like this one!). Check out my guest post on his Sumo Hacks: 10 Top Destinations for Laptop Entrepreneurs.

Stay in the Triberr stream

Daniel Newman. Daniel keeps the stream humming with top shelf content.

Daniel NewmanRarely does a day pass when I don’t see his helpful, informative articles populating the Triberr stream.

He’s a Triberr power player because he’s the perfect example of how showing up frequently causes you to grow your community and increase the shares of your content.

I don’t follow his niche per se yet I still perceive him as a power broker on twitter.

Showing up is 80% of success. Guys and gals who show up outshine the folks who don’t show up.

Tip I Learned from Daniel: Stay in the stream.

Daniel’s Blog: Millennial CEO

Leverage the power of guest blogging

Sue Anne DunlevieSue dominates Triberr through the power of guest blogging.

Like many other Triberr

power brokers she is a steady presence in the stream.

Sue uses the powerful concept of leveraging to be in many places at once.Sue

Attract an army of guest posters, choose the best, publish guest posts and watch your tribe mates promote all of your posts aggressively.

Sue’s follow worthy because she doesn’t kill herself work-wise to get noticed on Triberr. She built up her blog and brand, accepted helpful guest posts and now she’s all over Triberr with fresh, relevant, inspired content flowing through her tribe streams.

Tip I Learned from Sue: Leverage. Be a presence on Triberr (without working yourself to the bone) by accepting guest posts.

Sue’s Blog: Successful Blogging

Are you on Triberr? What community growth tips can you add to the list? 

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