New Tech Gadgets Indicate New Marketing Tactics

The Influence of Technology on Digital Marketing

By Marina Koletis 
CES 2012 has come and gone and has quickly brought us new and amazing tech gadgets we as digital marketers can employ in the near future. Last year’s show highlighted trends including tablets, 4G mobile phones and 3D TVs. Aside from Microsoft announcing that this was their last appearance at CES, what did this year bring? Let’s take a closer look at a few trends at this year’s CES that are paving the new way for marketers in 2012.



Connected TVs
Forget about trying to navigate the web directly through your TV via a remote control—do it through yourtablet. But not just tablets. Soon TVs will be connected to various other devices and will also have voice controls as well, even doing away with remote controls before we know it. This means huge interaction and even higher conversion rates in terms of TV ads and retail shopping via your TV. Unlike 3D TVs, connected TVs don’t require any special glasses, which means you can still interact with your TV comfortably, and with those around you.


Online Shopping that Fits Just Right


Considered the dressing room of the future, imagine women being able to buy a tight-fitted dress, or men finding a comfortable pair of jeans that fit just-right, and being able to do this all from the comfort of your –couch-. No need to hit the busy shopping mall, wait online and spend a fortune. Find deals online and be able to find clothes that fit just you with 3D Body Mapping, as Microsoft is working its way through this new phenomenon with Microsoft Bodymetrics. Clothing will have the perfect fit as technology maps out our body’s every curvature for a sure fit every time. One important aspect that will make this successful is buy-in from most retailers—no one’s going to want to be limited to buying clothes from a single retailer that has body mapping available. Further, if your measurements could be saved online, then buying clothes with our mobile devices would be very easy and fast also.


Google Indoor Maps


Sure, you can check Google maps and get driving directions from one city in NY to another city in NJ, or pinpoint that delicious coffee shop that’s right on the corner of 39th Street and 7th Ave in New York City. But when we find ourselves trying to navigate through an airport or a huge shopping mall, we could only wish there was an app for that! Soon there will be for indoor spaces and will include department stores, supermarkets and many other locations.



Socially Connected Vehicles
Mercedes announced cars that will be connected to social media platforms including Facebook, Yelp and other digital services. First, social media was made available on your desktop, which then spread to mobile and tablets. Now, it’s being made available as you’re traveling in your vehicle, further connecting you to the rest of the world anywhere, anytime. Pandora, YouTube, navigation, consumer review websites like Yelp and social media right at your fingertips and on your dashboard. Integrate voice controls and you’ll be driving to the most recommended restaurant in town and sharing it with your friends in no time.


There is one commonality among all these devices—they are all connecting to the internet somehow and are all becoming increasingly integrated and social.


Marina Koletis is a Contributing Editor to Search Decoder Blog. For more about Marina, visit
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  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    What I love about digital marketing is that it’s always changing. These gadgets for example, could change the way digital marketers do their jobs. I just love reading about how digital marketing specialists formulate new strategies every time news like this comes along.


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