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10 Secrets to Attract LinkedIn Leads Like a Magnet {Free Ebook}

At times evangelizing social media to businesses can be daunting. Despite inherent benefits, social networks, such as Twitter, Google+, Quora or SlideShare, are often a hard sell to the csuite. Being successful those platforms requires…

Insider Experience vs. Outsider Knowledge: How to Craft a Personal Brand Strategy

If you decided to become a professional singer, you’d have an endless supply of teachers to choose from. But who do you think would be most effective in helping you - a friend who is “passionate about music” and “knows a lot about…
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Startup PR: Mistakes, Myths & Metrics

The importance of managing PR is becoming increasingly evident in the startup world. Unfortunately, there are still many startups who don’t think they “need” PR. The problem is that public relations isn’t a choice. Any entity, be it…
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How to Build your Credibility on the Web with Native Content and Social Connections

Are you capturing the vast opportunities that social media platforms have to offer? It's not that social media is not working for you or your business, it's the other way around. You haven't made social networks work for you. Old social…
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Marketing Like It's 2014: Showing Up is 80% of Success

'80% of success is showing up' Woody Allen famously said about life. Marketing in 2014 is not much different. You need to show up when consumers search for your product or service on Google; when you are spoken about on social media, or when…

How to Transform your Social Media Campaign into a Conversation

Think conversation, not campaign. If you really want to start understanding your audience, you need to know what drives them and what their buying behaviors are. You can’t do this by sharing kitten memes or quotes, and you certainly…
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Bootstrapper's Guide to Start-up Marketing

Imagine a man running through a forest as fast as he absolutely can. He's pumped with adrenaline to the point where he's blazing through branches, tumbling down steep hills and scaling rocks with no fear and no pain. When faced with an…
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How to Perform SEO Audit for a Website

Website audits serve the same purpose of a physical. They're an opportunity to take a complete, top to bottom accounting of a site to note what is working, what's broken and what needs to be improved. Once completed, the audit should…
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User Development on a Shoestring

In order to build a powerful brand on platform like Meetup, you must be unique and indispensable in what you do for your community. Learn to differentiate yourself. Second, you must constantly give away value to keep growing your community.…
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Link Building Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs

Link building without great content is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. You will earn links based on the merit of your content, how it's presented to the user, and your ability to get it in front of the right people. Today’s entrepreneurs…
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Use these 3 Blogger Community Websites to Make your Content 'Kingged'

Content is not king. Forget what you’ve learned. Content shared in the right communities can reach “king” status if you know where to post it and how to connect with fellow community members. Optimizing your content comes down to creating…
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5 Must-Read Personal Development Books in 2014

Looking for reading ideas to advance your life in 2014? I compiled a collection of personal development books that I feel should be read by every person that is genuinely interested in maximizing their own potential and achieve greater success…