I moved to Miami from New York and considered my multi- city PR strategy immediately. My team needed access to media locally, nationally, and internationally, but most importantly, they needed to build it, intentionally. Identifying the influencer or business community can be a sumo-size investment of time and resources if you do not intentionally data-mine and prioritize your influencers. How do you know what communities and influencers are worth the effort of association? Buzzsumo is the answer.


Prior to Buzzsumo, hours of intern research on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media networks, or countless media seminars and networking happy hours would be necessary to build a network of appropriate colleagues.  We use Buzzsumo and break influencer lists into a three tier system, as well as update and target our content based on their trends and our needs. Content production, influencer acquisition, business development strategies, and strategic monitoring are three PR Strategies Buzzsumo helps to create Buzz with. 

Intentional Content Makes Viral Headlines  

Writing content without content analytics is like screaming into a void. No one hears you. Buzzsumo has a number of ways to retrofit your content to go viral. We used an example of Miami Founder as keywords for content and saw the best headlines, across all platforms, and improved on it. Intentionally sourcing topics and keywords that had value across platforms and with key influencers.

Buzzsumo Content Research

  • Most Shared: metric showing what content is shared, where 
    • PRO Tip: Narrow the field by type of content whether video, infographic, or blog, and uses a date range.
  • Trending Now to Trend Tomorrow:  Predictive content management tool.  Who, what, where to share, then what to base your own content on.
    • PRO Tip: Advanced trend tip is to write was mirrors what is trending but not the same language. For more traction. 
  • Domain Comparison: Domain comparison gives a snapshot of how domains are competing against one another, for content terms. 
    • PRO Tip: Advance your key words and terms by running the search with multiple key words you compete for and base content on what they lack
  • Top Authors = Great Influencers: Top authors rank the top contributors with any key word. 
    • PRO Tip: For PR outreach, this tool is better for first tier influencers that will cover your business writing profile pieces and gaining you easy business
  • Facebook Analyzer: The Facebook Analyzer allows users to input a date range, then search by keyword,and page to see the highest ranking content.
    • PRO Tip: Search images, links, giveaways, questions, and coupons, reverse incentivize your posts, first hundred shares. 

Influencer Base with an Impact 

Twitter Influencers are among the most powerful in online search engine press and today’s bloggers, journalists, radio hosts, news anchors and producers, all use Twitter. Buzzsumo simplifies the search for Twitter influencers. Their 120 character description of their content can further your PR strategy. Buzz sumo offers tools for measuring value of influencer contributions, in one click. 

Influencer Building Lists with Buzzsumo

  • Press: Vet credible press contacts by their associations, interactions, publications.
  • Content: View influencer content in one place to see if they are worth pitching.
  • Pitch Strategy: Select the key words you would like to have linked to your site or events you would like to attend, track the trends of the influencer and generate content based on the trends.
    • Tweet Back: Develop relationships with the influencers to foster cooperation 
    • Tweet Backstratch: Once you have formed a relationship with influencers and businesses in your field, share links, and collaborate on content. 

Monitoring: Motor of PR Strategy 

The monitoring system on Buzzsumo is like motor of a boat, steering your PR strategy. It offers sharing data, authorship from the site, and performance. PR strategy and content strategy is not exact and monitoring it frequently can repair your strategy. 

As soon as you post a blog article, have a piece published, or submit an answer to any site, use the monitoring system to gauge performance. 

Monitoring Content with Buzzsumo

  • Author: Shows the author of a piece of news, whether that is you, or your media influencer.
  • Share: Use to see if your content or the press you received is performing.
  • Repair: Shift strategy if the metrics do not show improvement.


Takeaway Strategy 

Buzzsumo offers yet another dimension in quantification and datamining, to get the most from your PR strategy. 

Without intentionally sourcing your data, targeting your influencer, and monitoring your progress, you will increase impact of your PR Strategy using the power of Buzzsumo.

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