Bootstrap marketing can create unique opportunities for entrepreneurs. In this introductory presentation to the Bootstrap Marketing Masterclass for Entrepreneurs  Matthew Capala speaks about his experience with constructing content that will focus on value driven strategies and SEO to gain profit, how credibility can be leveraged through your success, and generating organic traffic with the right business leads/revenues.

Bootstrap Marketing Masterclass (1/10): Introduction


Bootstrapping is about relying entirely on one’s efforts and resources. In this discussion Matthew Capala speaks about going to sleep feeling broke and waking up hungry; and about being a creator and innovator focusing 90% of your efforts on income-driven activities. Embracing this mindset is key to building the key pillars of successful bootstrap marketing campaign: credibility, visibility, authority and profitability…. while still considering these three resources: time, money, and talent.

Bootstrap Marketing Masterclass (2/10): Embrace Bootstrapping Mindset


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