We all want more eye-balls on our content, but it can be challenging. What if there was an easier way? The truth is that you can skyrocket your blog’s growth thanks to the strategic use of the right tools. In this post I’m going to show you 7 growth tools that can really move the needle for your blog’s traffic. You’ll learn how to use them to grow your blog faster.

Writes Adam Connell, UK-based blogger and founder of Blogging Wizard. This is a guest post by a contributor, opinions his own.

Are you ready to skyrocket your blog’s growth? Let’s dive in!

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Identify popular topics with BuzzSumo

A big part of growing a blog is publishing content that people want to read.

So how can you figure out which topics will go down well?

The easiest way to do this is to use BuzzSumo, it’s a paid tool but you can get a lot of helpful data out of it for free.


You could start off by searching for a general topic to get an idea of what is being shared the most, or you could type your competitors into the search box.

Use Ninja Outreach to manage blogger outreach process

If you are serious about growing your blog, you need to build relationships with other bloggers.

The great thing is that other bloggers will have a more established audience and with the right strategy you’ll be able to leverage that audience to grow your own blog.

There are plenty of tactics you can use here and one of the most popular is guest blogging (this post covers the basics).

By writing a great blog post for another blogger, you can get some great visibility but the process can be a bit tricky to manage without the right tool.

Ninja Outreach

This is where Ninja Outreach comes in, it’s a paid tool but it’s a huge time saver.

It helps you to:

  • Find bloggers and blogs to reach out to
  • Find influencers in your niche
  • Find contact details
  • Manage the emailing process from within the platform
  • Streamline your outreach process with a built in CRM

When you’re just getting started you can get away with not using a tool like this but it requires dancing around clunky spreadsheets which gets time consuming and difficult to manage after a while.

Make your content more shareable with Click To Tweet

The easier you can make it for people to share your content, the better.

One growing trend is to use “click to tweet” style links within content.

It could be to tweet a quote or a catchy statement of some description but whatever it is, it’s a great way to encourage social sharing.

Click To Tweet

You can do this by using a tool like Clicktotweet.com, it’s free to use but you can get some extra features with a paid account.

The tool allows you to write out a tweet and generate a link; you can then add the link within one of your blog posts (or anything that allows hyperlinks).

Then when someone clicks on the link, they’ll get the option to tweet the message you used.

If you use WordPress, there are some good alternatives that streamline the process and add an eye-catching click to tweet box work works in a similar way. A good example is Better Click To Tweet, it’s a free plugin and it’s easy to use.

Connect with other bloggers using Triberr

Building relationships with other bloggers is one of the most effective ways to grow any blog.

By using a platform like Triberr you not only have a way to easily connect with other bloggers, you can also make it easy for them to share your latest content.

The platform works on the basis of reciprocity, so when you share other people’s content, they’re more likely to share yours.

Related post: 11 Tips to Grow Your Community on Triberr


Within Triberr you first need to add your blog’s RSS feed and join some tribes.

When someone posts a new post, it will be imported into your tribal feed.

When you join a tribe, you can request to be promoted to a full member. At first you’ll be a follower, once promoted to a full member your tribemates will be able to share your content

You can also create your own tribes and invite other bloggers from your niche.

Use MavSocial for social publishing and tracking

Social media is one of the best ways to grow your audience and start driving more people to your blog.

With so many social networks to maintain it can be difficult unless we have the right tools to help us.

We need something more than just a scheduling tool, we need a tool to help us manage scheduling updates, responding to our audience and monitoring our progress.


MavSocial is a great tool for this and what makes this even better is that it has a 100% free plan

You can use it to schedule social media updates and visualize them on a calendar style interface – this makes it very easy to manage.

You can then publish to networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

There are over 70 million royalty-free images loaded into the platform so making your social updates more visual.

Everything is broken up into campaigns so it’s easy to see how you’re progressing.

But, there’s a lot more to social media than just using the right tools, here are some great tips on specific techniques to grow your audience using social.

Source PR opportunities using HARO

As a blogger, you’ll have in depth knowledge of a particular topic but are you leveraging that knowledge to grow your blog?

If not, now is the time to start and it’s incredibly easy with HARO (Help A Reporter Out).

There are countless journalists all over the globe who need experts to contribute to their stories.

Journalists will list a query on HARO, and once you register an account you’ll get emails full of these opportunities.


All you need to do is answer them and it doesn’t take that long at all.

With 10-20 minutes work I was able to get featured on HuffPost and CIO.com, not bad right?

Before you start using HARO, I recommend that you check out Matthew’s post on PR as it’s a great primer on how to avoid common mistakes and see better results from this strategy.

Grow your email list faster with SumoMe

Sure, you need to get more eye-balls on your content but you also need to keep those people coming back to your blog in the future.

The best way to do this is to build an email list.

I’ve written about specific list building tactics you can use in the past (this guide covers most of them) but one of the easiest ways you can get started right now is to use SumoMe.


SumoMe is a traffic growth toolbox and it’s loaded with helpful apps.

But for the purpose of building your email list there are 4 in particular that you’ll find helpful:

  • Welcome Mat – I haven’t seen any other tools provide anything like this, it pushes your content down to display a full page opt-in form. It feels a little invasive, but it converts like crazy and you can choose which pages you want it on. I added to 3 pages on my blog and it converts at 10%.
  • List Builder – A great app for displaying popovers.
  • Smart Bar – This adds an “Hello Bar” style opt-in form to the top of your content. You can also use it to add a button instead of an opt-in form, in case you want to drive traffic to a landing page.
  • Scroll Box – This displays an opt-in form as a user scrolls past a certain point.

SumoMe is free to use but they have paid options available which adds extra features and removes their branding. It will work with any HTML based website, not just WordPress.

Over to you

We’ve discussed a bunch of effective tools, now it’s time for you to pick one, try it and see how it works for you.

The web is full of helpful online tools we can use to grow our blog’s but what I’d love to know is what’s working for you right now?

Let us know in the comments below!

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