Blog commenting provides you with a simple, easy to follow strategy for building powerful relationships. Friends engage friends, right? Every relationship online or offline starts with a “Hello”, and blog commenting is a direct way to meet and greet just about any influencer from your niche. – Ryan Biddulph, Author of Blogging from Paradise

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Blog commenting helped me build an online empire. Honest!

I get paid to share my opinion. Maybe I’m not paid directly, but clients find me through my comments and my eBook sales have jumped since I tapped into the immense power of blog commenting. Businesses are built on forging relationships. By building bonds with niche influencers both parties can leverage each other’s presence quite quickly.

Blog commenting provides you with a simple, easy to follow strategy for building powerful relationships. Friends engage friends, right? Every relationship online or offline starts with a “Hello”, and blog commenting is a direct way to meet and greet just about any influencer from your niche.

My Blog Commenting Story

5 years ago I resided in a cyber cave. I’d publish posts but refused to form bonds with influential bloggers. Bad idea. Blog commenting became my savior BUT I had to study the best to become a kick butt blog commenting machine. I had to learn from the blog commenting power players how to make a serious impact through the comments field. Today, I live a happy Internet lifestyle in Fiji — blog commenting enabled me to create opportunities I wouldn’t had otherwise.

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If you really want to see these power brokers in action observe their comments on their blogs and watch them on other blogs from within their niches. Many of these folks are friends with one another so you can see them create helpful, in-depth comments bursting at the seams with value on authority blogs.

10 Blog Commenting Power Players to Watch


Carol Amato

Carol Amato (@Carol_Amato) is a commenting dynamo. You’ll find her making an impact on your local authority blogs. Carol can help you grow your online business through a variety of marketing channels but I see her as one of the ultimate blog commenting experts online.


If you scroll up on down the comments section of her blog and if you scan authority blogs in her niche you’ll note Carol going above and beyond to make a serious online impact. She treats comments like content, meaning that she creates a mini-guest post sized comment each time she shares her thoughts. Get to know her. She’s a commenting champion. Blog: Carol Amato

Adrienne Smith

I think of Adrienne Smith (@AdrienneSmith40) as the Engagement Maven. As a guy who’s built a thriving community on blog commenting I can point to her as a real mentor in the blog commenting game.


She’s particularly adept at posting thoughtful, insightful comments that make her memorable. Watch both the quality and depth of interactions on her blog and observe her in action on blogs from within her niche. Adrienne is warm, kind, honest and oh so helpful. She even wrote a glowing review of my first eBook, without me even asking her to do it. Our bond was forged through blog commenting. Connect with Adrienne today. Blog: Adrienne Smith Dot Net

Andrew Warner

Andrew Warner (@CopyWarner) is a thoughtful blog commenting power player who always leaves thorough comments. He’s the embodiment of blog commenting mindfulness.


I know how easy it becomes to mail in a blog comment here or there when you feel bored, tired or when your neck stiffens after spending a few hours on the laptop. Andrew has either found a way to fight off these feelings to create an in-depth comment each time, or he’s super human. Blog: Shade of Info

Donna Merrill

Donna Merril (@Donna_Tribe) is another super mindful, compassionate blog commentator. She taught me how to make an impact through every comment. Donna has also built a large, supportive, quite rabid tribe of readers and friends on her blog. Blog commenting was the straw that stirred the community drink.


Donna helps you master the concept of blogger outreach with her personable, warm approach to posting blog comments. She’s a power player who you should most definitely follow. Blog: Donna Merrill Tribe

Don Purdum

Don Purdum (@UnveiltheWeb)  is another blog commenting power broker. He pays great attention to detail in building thoughtful, caring comments. Studying his commenting approach teaches you how to build bonds and expand your reach quickly.


Don runs a hyper successful consulting business and based on the way he establishes relationships through blog comments I’m not shocked at his success. He’s a must follow blog commenter. Blog: Unveil the Web

Harleena Singh

Harleena Singh (@Aha_Now) is one of the ultimate blog commenting pros to follow. She builds as in-depth, thoughtful and value-added comments as you’ll ever find on the web. The thing about Harleena is that she really cares, just like everybody on this list.


She genuinely wants to add value to your post through her comments. She wants to build relationships with authority bloggers and does an absolutely smash up job of forming prospering friendships with blogging pros. Follow her blog commenting trail. You can’t help but to become a commenting power player by following her lead. Blog:  Aha Now!

Kumar Gauraw

Kumar Gauraw (@KGauraw) creates shockingly in depth, thorough comments and he’s a masterful relationship-builder as well. He makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside as a blogger because he’s so darn adept at crafting about the longest, most meaningful comments you’ll see online.


Kumar is a warm-hearted, skilled blogger who knows a thing or two about building a thriving blogging community. If you want to see a commenting power player in action visit Kumar’s blog. He’s a must follow blog commenting icon. Blog: Gauraw

Lewis LaLanne


Lewis LaLanne (@NoteTakingNerd) holds the record for the longest comment I’ve ever seen on Blogging from Paradise, or on any blog for that matter. I still recall the comment today; he’s just that good.

Lewis drills down on so many key topics or points of your blog post that you’ll be dizzy following his insights; but trust me, that’s in a good way!

He’s detail oriented and it’s readily apparent that he’s commenting to form strong bonds, and to make an everlasting impact on his fellow blogger. He’s a value creator supreme. Get to know him. Blog: My Note Taking Nerd

Martina Donkers

Martina Donkers (@MartinaDonkers) is bar none one of the commenting champions of the blogosphere. She is mindful of the fact that if you really want to show that you care about a fellow blogger you’d be wise to create an in-depth, thorough comment in response to their latest blog posts.


I cyber met Martina while we were house sitting in Savusavu, Fiji. She’s genuine, she’s kind, she’s supportive and she’s a highly talented blogger and commentating champion who you need to get in touch with. Blog: Martina in Motion

Angela McCall

Angela McCall (@AngelD0ve) is another commenting superstar who seems to pop up everywhere. She always makes an impact too.

This is a rare trait in the online world. Any blog commenter who is memorable stands out in my mind and Angela is one such blogger.


She’s mindful, thoughtful and generous in sharing her thoughts through the comments field. Get to know her, she’s a commenting power player for sure. Blog: Angela McCall

Your Turn

Have you met these blog commentators?

Are you using blog commenting as a relationship-building strategy?

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