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20 Resources of 2015 Marketing and Social Media Statistics

Looking for up-to-date marketing and social media statistics in 2015?  Look no further! We’ve identified 20 of the most comprehensive resources on the web featuring roundups of hundreds of statistics in the area of marketing, SEO, social media, small business, email marketing and visual media.  photo credit: Found Movable Type via photopin (license) 104 Fascinating […]


SEO Commando: 7 Tips to Embrace Hacker Mentality

SEOs have been compared to “hackers,” “spammers,” “sumos” and even “ninjas,” but never “commandos.” Are there actual parallels between the activities of real-world commandos and today’s PageRank-sculpting SEO optimizers? Maybe so. The most important thing to realize is that successful SEOs need to embrace a hacker mentality – get creative and figure out how to do […]

7 Content Monetization Engines to Launch Your Info Product in 2015

The days when keyword-optimized landing pages with downloadable PDFs, powered by PayPal and video testimonials performed best are long over. Established brands or long-standing websites with decent traffic can still convert hard-won site visitors into paying customers using the tactics and technologies of the past. You can do much better by exploiting some of the […]