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How To Use Crowd-Sourcing Platforms to Outsource Small Tasks at Scale

In this discussion Matthew Capala speaks on how to start executing creative ideas and producing original content while looking for affordable implementation when your goal is to expand scale and capabilities on a shoestring. Bootstrap Marketing Masterclass (4/10): Use Crowd-Sourcing to Outsource Small Tasks   Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified about the […]

How to Build and Optimize an Amazing WordPress Website on a Shoestring

Put your website in the center of your bootstrap marketing mix! In this discussion Matthew Capala speaks on building your WordPress website and investing in great navigation, user experience and content. Building your online business on a strong solid foundation and avoiding subdomains to have a top level domain with fundamental content. Collecting leads with […]

Bootstrap Marketing Masterclass: Embrace Bootstrapping Mindset

Bootstrap marketing can create unique opportunities for entrepreneurs. In this introductory presentation to the “Bootstrap Marketing Masterclass for Entrepreneurs“  Matthew Capala speaks about his experience with constructing content that will focus on value driven strategies and SEO to gain profit, how credibility can be leveraged through your success, and generating organic traffic with the right […]


Why Every Business and Entrepreneur Need SEO

In this video, I explain why every business and entrepreneur need SEO so that they can get organic traffic, leads, and paying clients from Google. Key takeaway: In the world where 80% of consumers search online before purchasing a product or service, invisibility is a fate much worse than failure. Join my YouTube channel for […]


The Ultimate Guide to Facebook’s Ad Manager ‘Like I’m 5’

Using Facebook’s ad platform to market your business is smart. Facebook’s targeting capabilities are state of the art, offering you many opportunities to break through the Facebook noise. Facebook is always updating its Ad Manager.  Let’s be completely honest here: advertising on Facebook is the only way to reach about 98 percent of your audience. So […]